The County Government of Siaya hereby invites all eligible bidders to apply for the following tenders from respective departments  from the table below.

No. Department View
1 Agriculture, Irrigation, Food, Livestock and Fisheries Tender : Project Description
2 Education, Youth Affairs, Gender and Social Services Tender : Project Description
3 Health and Sanitation Tender : Project Description
4 Public Works, Energy, Roads and Transport Tender : Project Description
5 Water, Environment and Natural Resources Tender : Project Description
6 Enterprise and Industrial Development Tender : Project Description
7 ICT, Tourism, Culture, Sports and Arts Tender : Project Description

Detailed specifications and tender requirements are indicated in the complete set of tender documents. The complete set of tender documents are available in the County’s website i.e Click on the Department Name or Tender Project Description at no cost.

Duly completed tender documents in plain sealed envelope with TENDER NO and TENDER TITLE applied for clearly indicated on the envelope shall be addressed to:

The County Secretary,
County Government of Siaya,
P.O. Box 803 – 40600,

and deposited in the Tender Box located at the main entrance of ALEGO USONGA SUB-COUNTY OFFICES within Siaya Town so as to reach on or before Thursday, 13th December, 2018 at 12.00 noon.

 Director, Supply Chain Management