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Ladies and Gentlemen

Five years ago, in 2013, we set out as Siaya County to achieve a series of programs and projects through our very initial County Integrated Development Program running between 2013 and 2017. I am happy to note that five years later, we have achieved various milestones despite the various teething challenges that we experienced along the way. We are here today to brief each other on another County Integrated Development Program to cover the next five years between 2018 and 2022 and firm up the final document for the county’s use. Feel most welcome.

Working with various stakeholders in the County Government of Siaya, the national government and various non-governmental organizations to implement the just ending County Integrated Development Program (2013 – 2017), we have managed to plough some 14,000 acres of land under the tractor hire service subsidy program within the last five years under the Department of Agriculture, Food, Livestock and Fisheries. The department also purchased up to 22 tractors and assorted farm equipment to improve mechanization of agriculture within the County. Some 146.8 metric tons of subsidized certified seeds and 437.6 MT of fertilizer were also distributed to farmers to improve agricultural production. These efforts have seen an increased production yield of double percentages while entrenching food security within the County.

In the CIDP for the next five years, the Agriculture, department will see development and promotion of access to farm inputs, agricultural mechanization and other innovative programmes being prioritized. We will also strengthen agricultural extension services and promote agro- processing and value addition within the agricultural sector. Our partnership with East African Breweries Limited will also see increased investments in the sorghum industry.

The County Government of Siaya also opened and graded 850 kilometres of roads and gravelled another 1,170 kilometres in the department of Public Works, Energy, Roads and Transport thereby opening rural community access by up to 70%. Notably, 341 solar street lights have so far been installed in key urban areas within the county under the same department. The solar lights have improved security within major urban areas of the county thereby making trade and investment more feasible to local entrepreneurs.

Based on the CIDP covering 2018 to 2022, the roads department will construct a bridge across River Nzoia connecting West Alego and West Ugenya Wards within Siaya county as a major access road. We will also prioritize the opening, grading and gravelling of new roads in all the 30 wards while facilitating the World Bank funded Kenya Urban Support Programme Projects (KUSP) to improve infrastructure in our urban centers.

In the 2013 – 2017 CIDP implementation period, the Department of Health and Sanitation initiated the process of renovation and modernization of the Siaya County Referral Hospital at a cost of KShs. 119 million, a process which is still on going and which will see increased efficiency in service delivery within the County Referral Hospital. We have also recruited and supported up to 2,148 Community Health Volunteers to help increase access to health care services within our rural communities. The Community Health Volunteers have increased uptake of immunization services from 60 percent to 86 percent. Referral of mothers for skilled deliveries have also risen from 56 percent to 70 percent as a result of their effort in addition to reduction in facility treated diarrhoal and malarial cases among children under five years. The county also constructed 22 new health facilities and rehabilitated another 30 rural health facilities coupled with the installation of an oxygen generation plant at the Siaya County Referral Hospital.

The County Government of Siaya has earmarked Universal Health Care coverage scheme as a flagship project of the next five years. The rehabilitation of 5 sub-county hospitals across the county which is currently ongoing and has the potential of improving access to health care is another major prioritized activity in the next five years under the health department. The sector will also see the construction and equipping of a County Blood Bank, the establishment of a Pediatric Centre at The Siaya County Referral and the establishment of a Biomedical Research Centre in partnership with the Kenya Medical Research Institute. These interventions are projected to improve access to health care services among the citizens of Siaya County.

The Department of Education, Youth Affairs, Gender and Social Services constructed 170 ECD centres and continues to provide equipment to operationalize the centres in the existing CIDP.  Up to 657 Early Childhood Development Education teachers have also been recruited to bolster education in the centres. Additionally, new workshops were constructed in 16 new vocational training centres while 3 existing polytechnics were renovated and 7 vocational training centres equipped. The department of education also gave KShs. 236 million worth of bursaries to 34,148 students in secondary schools, colleges and universities. The affirmative action program to provide social protection to older persons has also taken off with the first 450 older persons having already benefited from the first disbursement.

In the next five years, we intend to rollout school feeding programme in all the ECD centers within the county. The school feeding program will be augmented by the dairy project earlier initiated in selected wards within the county. The Siaya government will also construct up to 30 workshops in the already existing youth polytechnics within Siaya. As a flagship project, the department intends to establish a full-fledged Early Childhood Teachers Training Centre for continuous training of the already recruited ECD teachers and fresh training of new ECD teacher recruits. This is expected to attract students from beyond the county thereby generating revenue for the county. To augment other youth empowerment initiatives, at least 30% of all procurement opportunities will continue to be reserved for the youth, women and persons with disability as per Procurement Policy.

In the Department of Tourism, Culture, Sports and Arts, we have been able to develop the county website, installed fibre optic cable from Maseno via Yala, Ugunja to Siaya Headquarters and provided internet services up to sub county level. The county has also adopted the ICT policy and implementation plan for Siaya County. The department of tourism has also held cultural festivals in Siaya and Migwena and organized boat racing at Osieko Beach while also renovating Got Ramogi.

While continuing with most of these major initiatives, the sports directorate intend to construct a Model Siaya County Stadium in the next five years in order to provide opportunities for our sports men and women. Rehabilitation and conservation of Lake Kanyaboli ecosystem and initiation of Kanyaboli Annual Sports Festival will also be among the key priorities for the next five years to boost tourism.

Our achievements in the Department of Lands, Physical Planning, Housing and Urban Development have seen us install Geographic Information System (GIS) laboratory within the county. We have also developed an integrated physical development plan for Siaya town in collaboration with the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development of the national government. The department also managed to prepare the valuation roll for Siaya town which will facilitate revenue collection from property rates. The last five years also saw us acquire public land for investment and public utility. Surveying urban centers, natural resources, infrastructure and administrative units will be a major focus going forward. We will also establish a land bank through purchase and consolidation of land for investment purposes.

The Department of Finance and Economic Planning is currently in the process of revenue collection automation to help effectively collect and account for revenue collected to finance development within the county. This will be enhanced and escalated in the next generation CIDP. The revenue directorate will seek to expand the revenue streams and bases to help finance development in the long term. The department of Finance has in the past provided leadership in economic and financial policy formulation and management through the production of statutory policy documents including the Annual Development Plans, County Budget Review and Outlook Papers, County Fiscal Strategy Papers, County Budgets and various Final Accounts Reports. The department also prepared Baseline Report in 2015.

The Enterprise and Industrial Development department completed various market shades, market hubs, market toilets and provided training and business management skills to over 10,000 individuals in cooperative societies across the county. The department will prioritize installation of high masts street lights, construction of major market shades and reinforcement of Co-operative legislation & subsidiary laws in the ensuing period.  Funding of cooperative societies to make them vibrant through an established revolving funding will be key. The County Government of Siaya also envisions the creation of a County Investment Board which will among other things identify investment opportunities that the County Government can partner with the private sector to boost the economy and revenue base of the government consequently inspiring economic growth. Legislation to this end will also be prioritized.

The Water, Irrigation, Environment and Natural Resources department constructed 30 boreholes and 100 shallow wells already. We also installed water tanks in schools and health facilities, rehabilitated 30 water pans and extended 30-kilometre water pipelines across the county. We have invested in the construction of 125 new boreholes and 30 shallow wells across the county. In the next CIDP, every primary school and market center will be connected to piped water supply system to help ease access to this important commodity moving forward. With the help of our development partner, African Development Bank, we intend to develop new Community Water Supply Schemes and construct new sewerage systems in the major urban centers within Siaya County. The subsequent five-year CIDP (2018 – 2022) will also prioritize the completion of New Lower Nyanza Irrigation Schemes with support of the National Irrigation Board.

The Department of Governance and Administration has to date developed a detailed design for an ultra-modern administrative block and constructed a refabricated office block for short term use by county staff. The department also developed a disaster management unit and related policies together with a performance management framework to increase efficiency in service delivery. In the spirit of devolution, service delivery has been decentralized to ward level in all the 30 wards of Siaya County. In the next five years, the County Government will strengthen decentralized units and enhance service delivery by enacting the Village Administration Act and institutionalize a framework for inspection and enforcement unit while operationalizing the County Government Printer to increase access to information to the public.

Ladies and Gentlemen

While implementing the 2013 – 2017 CIDP, challenges were bound the main one being the protracted political and legal battles resulting from the 2013 elections. The continued political bickering saw the county roll over up to KShs. 1.2 billion in the financial year 2013/2014 whose impact has been felt to date. Inconsistency and inadequate disbursement of funds from the exchequer has led to delayed implementation of projects and industrial strikes negatively impacting on county government performance. Transitional challenges have also slowed down service delivery to the citizenry. I appeal to all stakeholders to partner with the County Government of Siaya to actualize the next phase of implementation of county programs and help mitigate any future challenges. We intend to work with all our partners in government and non-state actors to actualize some of these aspirations. To this extent we profoundly thank AHADI – Kenya and USAID for the technical and financial assistance extended towards the preparation of the CIDP 2018 – 2022 to date. We welcome all other partners to work with us.

In conclusion, I call upon the cooperation and spirit of unity among all stakeholders in and outside the government for all our plans to be achieved. I specifically invite the county assembly to work together with my executive to pass laws that may make our plans come to fruition.


God Bless You,