Siaya County becomes among the first counties to develop a spatial plan having been prepared to guide the environment, economic and social-spatial development framework.

Speaking during the stakeholders workshop held at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology, Siaya Deputy Governor His Excellency Dr. James Ouko Okumbe expressed his confidence in the plan noting that it is a flexible design with dynamic framework capable of responding to changing circumstances and guaranteeing the future of Siaya County, thus providing a blueprint within which the county can effectively address the challenges and deliver the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Having been prepared in a highly participatory, collaborative and consultative process that brought together participants from diverse backgrounds including the community, county executive, agencies, professionals, civil society among others, the plan aims at guiding development activities pertaining projects, programmes, budgets and investments in Siaya County.

It further seeks to provide a geographical expression of the county in regards to socioeconomic well-being.

The county secretary Mr Joseph Ogutu, in his delivery at the forum, highlighted some of the important aspects that the plan will bring forth such as attracting investors by helping in identifying possible resources for investment and creating links between the data and geographical location.
He called on the public to give their input and asked for their support in the actualization of the idea.

Besides being foreseen to be the ultimate cure to some of the challenges that have been experienced from time to time, the plan will also support the implementation of strategic county projects especially the flagships spelt out in the Kenya vision 2030 and the central government’s big 4 agenda.

It as well seeks to address challenges such as rapid and unregulated urbanization, degradation of the county’s diverse ecosystems, unbalanced development, inadequate and inefficient transport and infrastructure, inadequate national policy framework on spatial planning, poor economic performance in agriculture, tourism and industry due to suboptimal land use.

County Executive Committee Member for Lands Engineer Adrian Ouma asked Siaya residents to rally behind the plan adding that the
the document will be relied upon when doing developments for the next 10 years.
“The County’s spatial plan will go a long way in
ensuring equitable and sustainable distribution of resources, spur
economic growth and ensure the protection of ecologically
sensitive/significant areas in Siaya’’ said Ouma.

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology(JOOUST) Vice-Chancellor Prof. Agong on his part reiterated the importance of fully involving the community in developing the plan since they are the direct beneficiaries.
‘’To all the county leaders present, take it upon yourself and ensure
that your respective County plans are prepared and passed through public participation. They are the keys that will unlock the unlimited economic development and boost
conservation efforts across the country,’’ said Agong.

The plan is scheduled to be discussed at the cabinet before proceeding for approval by the county assembly.

Other leaders who graced workshop included Mr.Jaoko Oburu-CECM
Trade, Mr.Benard Mboha-CECM Trade, Dr Elizabeth Odhiambo-CECM Agriculture, and Chairman of Siaya Municipal Board, Prof Paul Wao Achola amoung others.