Under the Aquaculture Business Development Program (ABDP), Ukwala in Ugenya Sub – county becomes the second Ward after North Gem to develop a community Action Plan whose main aim is to identify and specify the implementation mechanisms of the ABDP program.

Through this the aqua farmers are meant to understand the resources that they have at hand, lay out an execution plan by noting what shall be done, who will do it and how it shall be done having in mind the existing challenges around low production, limited supply of fingerlings, limited value addition, limited quality feeds and market access.

Speaking at the event earlier this week at Ukwala Ward, Director of Youth affairs, Gender and Social services Ms. Ida Nyawade challenged the farmers to understand their strengths in the value chain so that production, input supply, Processing and Transportation is enhanced.

“Each and every person has got a position in this project.” She said.
Ms. Nyawade encouraged residents to form sustainable groups that are able to play advocacy roles at greater levels. “ABDB encourages the formation of groups as it will be easier harness all your needs and provide a sense of belonging through social connectedness and can help improve skills for coping will daily difficulties.” She emphasized.

Also present was the Program Coordinator, Mr. David Mboya who lauded the seventeen day exercise as a platform for awareness creation that will go a long way to the grass root levels. He said that putting the community at the heart of their own local services assures realization prompt service delivery.