Farmer Service Centres, a Success Story In Siaya County

The County Government of Siaya and Cereal Growers Association (CGA) in collaboration with FARM TO MARKET ALLIANCE (FtMA), a consortium ...
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Name of project Source Funding Comments/Remarks
National Agriculture and Livestock
Extension Programme
Agriculture Sector Programme Support
DANIDA/GOK Started in January 2007 and
ended in December 2011
Central Kenya Dry Areas Smallholder
and Community Services development
Project (CKDAP)
IFAD/GOK Started in 2001 and officially
ended in December 2007
Njaa Marufuku Kenya (NMK) GOK Started in 2001 and ended in 2010/11
Promotion of Private Sector Dev. In
Agric. (PSDA)
GTZ/GOK Started 2005 and ends in
Revision of Farm Management
GTZ Started in 2003/04 and ending in June, 2015, phase
1 to end in 2007
Community Agricultural Development in
Semi-Arid Lands (CADSAL)
JICA Project started in 2003 and
ended in June 2008.
Kenya Agricultural Productivity Project (KAPP) IDA Project started in 2004 and
ended in May 2012.
Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate
Services (KEPHIS)
EDF/EEC Project started in July, 2007
and ending in 2015. The
project is still at mobilization

County Executive Committee Member: Agriculture, Irrigation, Food, Livestock and Fisheries
Hon. Dr. Elizabeth Achieng’ Odhiambo

Chief Officer: Agriculture, Irrigation, Food, Livestock and Fisheries
Mr. Charles Siso

State Corporations Affiliated to Siaya County Department of Agriculture

1. Agricultural Development Corporation

Facilitate multiplication and provision of good quality seed to Kenyan farmer

2. Agricultural Finance Corporation

To assist in the development of agriculture and agricultural industries by providing loans, managerial and technical advice

3. Horticultural Crops Development Authority

To facilitate the development, promotion, coordination and regulation of the horticultural industry in Kenya.

4. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute

To conduct appropriate crop, livestock and factor research programmes that are geared towards the sustainable development of national agricultural sector.

5. Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services

To undertake quality control services of agricultural inputs, protection of plant varieties, and the health of the plants and plant produce in the agricultural sector.

6. Kenya Seed Company Ltd

To promote production, processing and distribution of hybrid seed maize, sunflower, wheat, sorghum, millet and various vegetable seed including seed for selected indigenous vegetables.

7. Kenya Sugar Board

To regulate, develop and promote the sugar industry

8. Kenya Sugar Research Foundation

To promote research into, investigate and facilitate technology transfer on sugarcane and its derivatives for improvement of the Kenya Sugar industry.

9. National Cereals And Produce Board

To regulate and control the collection, movement, storage, sale, purchase, transportation, marketing, processing, distribution, importation, exportation, disposal and supply of maize, wheat and scheduled agricultural produce.

10. Sugar Arbitration Tribunal

Arbitration of cases relating to development of sugar sub-sector

11. Pest Control Products Board

Provide regulatory service for the importation, exportation, manufacture, distribution, transportation, sale, disposal and safe use of pest control products.

12. Agricultural Information Resource Centre (Revolving Fund)

To provide Agricultural Information through the Mass media to farmers, extension staff and other stakeholders in the Agriculture Sector

13. Bukura Agricultural College

To provide facilities for education in agriculture and other ancillary subjects through the integration of teaching, research and effective application of extension services.

Progress Report on the status of the Agricultural sector in Siaya County

Siaya County Dialogue Report-Department of Agriculture


Policies being undertaken in the County are derived from those of the National government and include;

National Seed Industry Policy

The policy gives a clear direction for the development of a sustainable seed industry in order to avail high quality seed and planting materials to farmers and harmonize all seed related activities and legislation.

National Agricultural Sector Extension Policy (NASEP)

Aims at giving Extension a sector-wide dimension and representation. Its purpose is to guide and regulate the provision of agricultural extension service in the country. NASEP implementation framework is on-going.

Development of a Sugar Policy and Amendment of Sugar Act. No.10 of 2001

This policy aims at restructuring the sugar industry to make it more efficient and competitive in view of increased regional and global trade.

Cotton Policy and Repeal of Cotton Industry Act Cap 335

Aimed at reviving the cotton industry through policy interventions that address production, processing and marketing. It has facilitated the establishment of the Cotton Development Authority to regulate the industry; provided for greater involvement of the private sector and establishment of Cotton Development Levy and Arbitration Tribunal. The Cotton Bill 2006 was approved by parliament and made into law. The county is implementing the law

National Food and Nutrition Policy (NFNP)

The thrust of the policy is food availability, food access, food utilization and stability of access.

National Potato Industry Policy (NPIP)

Legal Notice No.44 of 27th May 2005 on potato standards is being implemented.


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