agrics1Siaya County enjoys favorable climatic conditions that are conducive for agriculture. Despite  this,  food  production has largely remained a rain-fed venture resulting in a net deficit in grain supply within the county. The agricultural is mainly small scale with production of food crops using non-mechanized    techniques. The government has identified food insecurity as a major concern for the county and will seek various interventions to alleviate it. Use of mechanized techniques in crop production will be encouraged to cultivate cash crops like rice, sugar, floriculture etc.

The government will encourage value addition to crops that are produced within the county. These include developing fruit processing industries, packaging and branding commodities from the county and establishing linkages with research institutions to develop better crops.agrics2
Irrigation   is   key   in   ensuring continued food production is maintained  in  spite  of unfavorable weather patterns. The county will develop strategies aimed at allocating lands and incentives including subsidies  for  farmers  venturing in large scale farming. We will ensure the county is food secure by increasing the acreage under agriculture by 50% within the next 5 years.