This is the fifth and last plan in a series of Annual Development Plans implementing the 2018-2022 County Integrated Development Plan. Priority programs and projects captured in this plan have therefore been carefully designed to feed into the broader agenda of ‘‘Transforming Siaya County through: socioeconomic empowerment, agribusiness and infrastructural development’’
Development planning is critical to organizations and Government as it is used to balance the reality of scarce resources and the unlimited needs. This therefore leads to selecting key programs and projects for implementation in any fiscal year out of the many development aspirations that may prevail at any given time. The preparation of the Annual Development Plan is anchored in section 126(3) of the PFM Act 2012 that among other things requires the County Executive Committee Member responsible for planning to not later than 1st September of each year submit the Annual Development Plan to the County Assembly for approval. members of the public are therefore invited to provide feedback on the content of the document.

Annual Development Plan 2022-2023 Submitted to Siaya County Assembly