The County Government of Siaya invites application from interested parties to apply for bursary for the FY 2019/2020. Click the link below to download the relative application form:


  1. Incomplete Siaya County Education Bursary Fund (SCEBF) Bursary Application form will not be processed
  2. This form must be filled in BLOCK LETTERS.
  3. Each Applicant MUST attach a certified copy of his/her institution’s fees statement. Newly admitted students should include a copy of the Admission letter.
  4. Each Applicant MUST ensure to fill in correct Email Addresses, Bank Details and Contacts for his/her institution.
  5. For continuing Students, ensure you attach a copy of the previous term’s Report Form (Mandatory).
  6. For Form One students, ensure you attach a copy of your primary school leaving certificate and result slip.
  7. For Total and Partial Orphans, ensure that you attach copies of Death Certificates, Burial Permit or a letter from your area Chief.
  8. For students with Disability, a letter explaining the nature of disability from a Chief, Assistant Chief, Head teacher, Government medical Officer or Religious leader.
  9. It is important that the SCEBF Applicant declares other bursary Fund Support he/she is currently receiving.
  10. The Applicant must only apply in his/her Ward.
  11. The filled form should be returned to the Ward Administrator’s office latest by 15th November, 2019 at 4.00 pm and should be acknowledged by the ward office.

NB: Forgery and making of illegal rubber stamps are criminal offences and any applicant who commits such offences shall be charged in a court of law.