This County Fiscal Strategy paper for the FY 2020/2021 re-emphasizes the transformative economic agenda and structural reforms implemented by the Siaya County Government. The economic transformation agenda has been organized around four (4) pillars:

  1. Social transformation through investment in healthcare services, education, youth, culture and social services
  2. Transformation of county infrastructure, housing, energy and communication through Investment in road network and ICT services
  3. Agricultural and industrial transformation for improved food security through investment in crop production, fisheries and livestock production
  4. Improvement of governance and administration through investment in devolution structures for effective service delivery

In the year preceding 2020/21, progress was made in: food self-sufficiency and security; health and sanitation; water; markets and enterprise development; cooperatives development; early childhood education and vocational training; and other devolved functions as specified in Part II of the 4th Schedule of the Constitution.

In Fiscal Strategy Paper 2020 the county has adopted a deliberate strategy to ensure that, all projects previously completed but are not functional are operationalized and on-going and incomplete projects are prioritized for completion and operationalization before new projects are considered for funding

The county will also make deliberate efforts to invest in road infrastructure to improve mobility and accesibility; agriculture, livestock and fisheries development to ensure it plays its critical role in food self-sufficiency and security through enhanced extension services, mechanisation and provision of improved inputs.  In health sector, the county will continue equipping the existing facilities and operationalize completed ones to improve accessibility to quality healthcare and invest in universal healthcare services.  In roads and public works sector, the county will seek to improve accessibility through grading, gravelling, construction of bridges and tarmacking.  Improved accessibility will thereby contribute immensely in enterprise development, value addition, job creation and reduction in poverty. The county will also seek to strengthen socio-economic development through investment in culture and heritage, early childhood education, vocational training, water, strengthening of decentralised structures (sub-county, ward and village administration), gender and right-based development interventions and strengthening of its own source revenue base and human resource capacity.

It is therefore expected that these interventions will contribute immensely to the improvement of livelihoods, hence the theme of the Paper, “Transforming Siaya through Socio-Economic Empowerment, Agribusiness and Infrastructure Development”. These interventions are alligned to the national agenda of “The Big Four” and international commitments of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and agenda 2063 of the African union.  The interventions when implemented will aimed at increasing the size and share of the county gross domestic product (GDP).

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