Lake VictoriaSiaya County has three major geomorphologic areas namely: Dissected Uplands, Moderate Lowlands and Yala Swamp. These have different relief, soils and land use patterns. The altitudeof the County rises from 1,140m on the shores of Lake Victoria to 1,400m above sea level on the North. There are few hills found in the County namely; Mbaga, Odiado, Akala, Regea,Nyambare, Usenge, Ramogi hills, Rambugu, Abiero, Sirafuongo and Naya hills. River Nzoia and Yala traverse the County and enter Lake Victoria through the Yala Swamp.The physical features have a bearing on the overall development potential of the County. The high altitude areas that form the Ugenya and Ugunja sub-counties have higher rainfall hence suitable for agriculture and livestock keeping. Rivers Nzoia, Yala and Lake Kanyaboli have agreat potential for irrigation. The low altitude areas of Boro, Uranga, Uyoma and Wagai receive less rainfall and thus are suitable for cotton growing and drought resistant crop varieties.The geology of the area is composed of the old Nyanzian system forming exposed rocks in Siaya, Ugenya, Ugunja and Gem Sub-counties. These rocks include basalts, desites and rylites,that consist of coarse and fine aggregates used in the construction industry. The main soil type is ferrasols and its fertility ranges from moderate to low with most soils being unable to producewithout the use of either organic, inorganic or in most cases both types of fertilizers. Most of theareas have underlying murram with poor moisture retention. Bondo sub-County has various soil types ranging from black-cotton, sandy loams to laterite including red volcanic soils. West Sakwa, South Nyang’oma and Usigu locations have ferrasols,while North Sakwa, East and Central Yimbo have luvisols with low moderate fertility. The soil types in Rarieda ranges from black cotton soil in Madiany Division and sandy loams and red volcanic soils in Rarieda Division. The expansive Yala Swamp around Ramogi Hill has potential for large scale- irrigation using river Yala. Bondo Sub-County also has several islands including Mageta, Sirigombe, Magari and Yalombo.

Rural pace meets urban amenities
Enjoy the convenience of living and doing business in a large centre while enjoying small town character and community spirit!
Surrounded by beautiful lake scapes to the east and endless country to the west, the Town has an ambiance of nature and outdoors, and the undying charm of Lake Victoria.

Safe, secure and friendly
Siaya town is a great place to live, a stunning place to visit and a smart place to do business. It’s no mystery why Siaya’s population has grown over 14%, why new businesses are opening their doors, and why visitors return.   Realize for yourself the Town of Siaya and its great opportunities!


Nestled in the beautiful shores of Lake Victoria, the Town of Siaya is conveniently situated in close proximity to several major centers in the County of Kisumu, Homabay & Migori.  The town is one hours drive from an international airport (Kisumu International Airport).
How to get here
By Road:
The Kisumu  Siaya road is tarmacked. Public service vehicles are boarded from Kisumu bus park and the junction to Siaya off Kisumu Busia Highway.

Town/City Time(Hours) Distance (km/miles)
Kisumu 1.5 hrs 89 km / 55.3 miles
Bondo 17 mins 23 km / 14.3 miles
Nairobi 6hrs 7min 23 km / 14.3 miles
Mombasa 12hrs 17min 905 km / 562 miles

By Air:
Siaya is located in close proximity to two international airports, Kisumu International Airport (one hour drive) to the west and Eldoret International Airport to the east. Eldoret airports can be reached via the Eldoret Kisumu Highway, with driving time of two hours or less.


If an outdoor lifestyle is what you crave, Siaya is the place to be.  With temperate weather conditions and considerable sunshine relative to the rest of the country, Siaya’s climate suits an outdoor lifestyle.  The county  has an annual rainfall of between 1,170 mm and 1,450 mm temperature range of  between 15 -30 0Cunt