devpmtplanSeptember 10, 2015

The publication of this Annual Development Plan (CADP) is a continuation of the County’s strategic direction to produce development plans to inform budgetary process every year. This CADP will therefore, inform the development agenda in the 2016-17 financial year, as it outlines the programmes and projects the County Government is committed to implement.Implementation of this plan will be in pursuit of realizing the county’s development agenda as contemplated in the 2015 County Fiscal Strategy theme of “Transforming county economy through infrastructure and socio-economic development”.

Preparation of this plan has taken into account proposals contained in the CIDP 2013 – 2017,County Annual Development Plan for 2015/2016; County Fiscal Strategy Paper 2015; projects implemented in the last two financial years and other policy documents. The programmes and projects will see the county continue with the improvement of county infrastructure; push to greater heights service delivery in the county civil service; make social sector; productive sector; and environment and natural resources. Programmes and projects envisaged in this plan carry forward the process from previous development plans and their implementation will contribute to opening of hitherto remote areas thereby increasing access and trade opportunities; propel micro and small scale enterprises thereby generating employment opportunities; provide enabling environment for increased agricultural production for food security and enhanced healthcare. The goal of this plan is to contribute towards the overall goal outlined in the CIDP of drastically reducing the number of people falling under the poverty bracket in the County by 2017.

Implementation of the plan will require a concerted effort from various stakeholders.The Plan will seek to mainstream networks and coordination with key stakeholders, both within and outside and in particular, bring on board Public Private Partnerships (P3) and other development partners for the benefit of the citizens.Critical in the implementation of the plan is coordination with other devolved funds in the County to eliminate duplication. In this manner, citizens will get value for money.

It is my humble plea that the executive; assembly; elected leaders; not for profit organizations; the entire civil service in the county and the private sector all pull together in union as a team to ensure the fruition of this plan.

County Annual Development Plan 2016