IMG-20210204-WA0288SIAYA Deputy Governor Dr. James Okumbe has kicked off the launching of the construction of County Development Projects amounting to KShs.  377 million across all the departments of the County Government of Siaya this week.

Dr. Okumbe while presiding over the grand kick off said that the 46 projects that are being done country-wide are part of phase two of the projects earmarked for financial year 2020/2021.

Speaking while launching construction of KShs. 3.7 million Nyabondo ECD classes,  KShs. 625,440 sceptic tank project, KShs. 5 million Mageta ring-road project, and  KShs.  5.4 million extension of Wambassa pipeline in Yimbo West, The Deputy Governor urged contractors to expedite the  implementation processes to allow residents get value for their money in terms of delivery of services. He further reminded contractors that only good quality of work will earn them future tenders in the County Government of Siaya.

“Governor Cornel Rasanga administration is committed towards delivering quality projects that is commensurate to the money spent,” said Okumbe adding that those gambling with county tenders/projects won’t be tolerated.

Dr. Okumbe who was accompanied by West Yimbo MCA Willis and ward representative Vin Mitto noted the County’s committment to completing projects stalling county-wide hence the appointment of Project Management Committees who must approve certificatication of the project after they are convinced that they are done up to the required standards.

“We have agreed with the assembly to prioritize completing stalled projects before initiating new ones in order to ensure value for money,” noted the Deputy Governor.

The area MCA Hon. Willis Ochieng lauded Governor Rasanga for the heavy project investments lately.

All County Executive Committee Members are concurrently presiding over the launch of all the 46 projects in different parts of the County throughout this week as part of the rapid results initiative declared by the Governor to undertake all projects within strict deadlines of the financial year.