IMG-20210429-WA0017“Feed millers should use the correct machinery, mix the right materials and follow appropriate procedures to ensure the final product contains nutrients required by livestock for enhanced production”, according to Dr. Elizabeth Odhiambo the County Executive for Agriculture during the inaugural meet with County feed millers today at the County Headquarters.

The meeting organized by Agriculture Sector Development Support Program Phase II (ASDSP II) is part of its agenda of setting up marketing structures while molding commercially oriented enterprises.

Dr. Odhiambo said that the County has a deficit of 2,200 tones yearly production against a need of 4,000 tones of feeds and this gap can only be realized through such moves.

Also present was the Chief Officer Mr. Charles Siso who appreciated ASDSP II for bringing on board the Chamber of commerce and Kenya Bureau of Standards whose presence will ensure standardization and offer reliable market needs.

“Lets now get out of our comfort zones to explore the immense opportunities that are yet to be realized”, said Mr. Siso

County ASDSP II Coordinator, Mr. Kenneth Owuor reiterated the same comments and promised to keep in check the newly created forum so that the participants benefit and that it lives beyond the test of time to further the commercialization agenda.