His Excellency the Governor Siaya County took his office to the public and held an open consultative forum at the Bondo sub county headquarters.

During the forum,several issues were raised by the public. Amongst the pressing ones was the issue of the uncompleted slaughter house.

The County Secretary, Kepha Marube who was also part of the meeting explained why there was delays in completing the slaughter house.

He said that due to the emergency that might had led to the closure of the old slaughter house, he decided to renovate the old one first to prevent its closure.

‘’The Public Health department had threatened to close down the old slaughter house due to poor sanitation,’’ added Mr Marube.

However, the governor instructed that the county executive member in-charge of public works re- engage the contractor to ensure that the new slaughter house is completed.

The Governor also added that if any county officer is found in any illegal dealing, the individual will be sent packing.

The Governor will now embark on holding sub county consultative meetings in order to address the public’s grievances.