IMG_0144His excellency Cornel Rasanga Amoth over the weekend visited the Ojalo Rambo mine in South East Alego ward. The mine was the scene of a tragic accident where 3 miners lost their lives. Even though mining is not devolved, the governor spoke of the need for the County to be involved since the resource was within the County. The gold miners also asked the county government to help them purchase better and safe equipment to enhance their work.
The miners said that better equipment, tools and tractors will avert unnecessary deaths that have been witnessed in the mine.
Led by their chairman Keri Oyuga they said that the mine is now operating legally after they acquired licence from the police.
“After losing our people last year and to avoid police harassment we applied for the licence and permit. We are working with the county government as well,” said Oyuga.
The chairman also accused a private investor of interfering with their activities and purchasing land around the mine without the consent of the residents.
Oyuga said that the private investor should be stopped immediately until he comes out clear and agree with the workers, residents and also the county government.
“We want an agreement that will benefit everyone. We want him to stop working and bribing our people with money to offer land without consent. They came here illegally, the office of governor should have been told despite the fact that mining is still under national government,” he added.
The governor agreed to help the miners with earth movers to make the site more safe and accessible for the workers.
The governor also said that a lot of care should be taken by the workers in the course of their activities to ensure safety.
“The deaths occur because of craving to have a better life and to basically have the daily needs. The county government will provide equipment for excavation to help unearth places,” he added.
The Governor added that the people should be prioritised when it comes to allowing investors in the community especially when it affects them.
“It is clear the community is against this company working here illegally. This place belongs to both national and county government. People born and brought up here do not want people working in the mines without their knowledge,” he said.