Good Agricultural practices and promotion of conservation Agriculture were the focus areas of discussion during a field day led by Mr. Charles Siso, Chief Officer for Agriculture, Food, Irrigation, Livestock and Fisheries yesterday at Ajigo, North Sakwa Ward.

A series of demonstration platforms and speeches pivoted on the central theme; PRACTICING CLIMATE SMART AGRICULTURE AND INNOVATIONS FOR FOOD SECURITY were strung out over the course of the day to promote new practices and bring recognition to successful farmers like Peter Wambi whose farm played host to such a memorable event.

The collaborative effort between the County Government of Siaya through the department of Agriculture and other partners like ASDSP II, KCSAP, Western Seed Company, Royal Seed, Syngenta, Continental Seeds, Tsavo Seeds, Advanta, Toothpick, Great Lakes, Spray Service Providers and Tansu Limited were at it to attend to farmers’ skill gap areas.

In his address, Mr. Siso applauded the safe biological technologies he had witnessed that if adhered to by key players who are the farmers, then food insecurity will be a thing of the past.

He assured that a continuous partnership with various development partners will ensure farmers keep receiving farm inputs, extension and have access to a conducive environment that will ensure smooth operationalization of Agricultural activities.

Area MCA Hon. Lorna Adida who was represented by the P.A Mr. Antony Willis said that a total of KShs. 1 Million had been allocated in this financial year to promote sunflower and soya beans production in an attempt to put money in people’s pockets.

The Chief Officer was also accompanied by Susan Aruwa, ASDSP II Deputy Coordinator whose presence deemed necessary in encouraging potential value chain actors to view fish, mango and indigenous chicken value chains as business ventures.