IMG-20210211-WA0142The Kenya Institute of Human Resource Management seeks to ink a Memorandum of Understanding with Counties to tackle employees challanges related to long-term strategy on retirement, employees welfare and psychosocial support.

According to the Institute’s Chairman Mr. Joseph Onyango, employees are constrained to deliver due to mental stress related to COVID-19 pandemic and the Institute have developed simple pre-emptive strategies that should be shared among the employees to address this.

“We have realised that all stresses being experienced by employees are Human Resource related ranging from transfer, compensations and benefits or the way work is organised,” he noted adding that there is no couching in work places which is relevant for both young and old employees.

He called for the need to re-design the jobs to allow the senior government officers do less jobs while still ensuring maximum output.

“The way job descriptions are done puts senior government officers for long in offices. Once they get to office at 7.30 am, they do paper work up to late in the evening thus denying them time to embrace a mentee,” noted the Chairman.

Siaya County Secretary Mr. Ogutu Joseph who hosted the delegation led by Mr. Joseph Onyango who are paying courtesy calls in various Counties of Nyanza Region on his part said that the County Government of Siaya shall jointly craft the memorandum of understanding touching on things the County Government can do together with the Institute. “Once we have reviewed and signed the understanding, we shall pick activities from within for implementation by both the institute and the government. It should be done in such a manner that is government wide since it shall look at the interest of both the county government and the Institute across the board,” added the County Secretary.