IMG-20210415-WA0137Siaya County Secretary Mr. Joseph Ogutu has asked the Department of l Enterprise & Industrial Development through its Weights and Measures Unit to conduct impromptu visits to the markets and confisicate and arrest owners of faulty weighing machines to end the culture of fleecing unknowing customers in the County.

Mr. Ogutu while witnessing the cascading of Performance Contracting pegged on Rapid Result Initiative early this week at the Department’s Offices asked the Directorate headed by Mr. Philemon Angila to launch a massive crackdown on unscrupulous traders using faulty weighing machines to end ongoing exploitation of consumers.

“Governor Cornel Rasanga has expressed concerns on how the unit is running its affairs to the extent up to which its performance is measured. To prove your worth, Mr. Angila and his team has to make impromptu visits apart from gazetted inspection routines and nab those using dubious measurement means to enrich themselves,” said Ogutu

The County Secretary cited machines used by business persons to weigh sugar, meat and fertilizer in shops have been tampered with and owners are minting millions of shillings from the public by selling goods in quantities less than laid-down market standards.

“A time has come for the Directorate Officers to spend less time in offices and more in the field. They must hold major crack-down targeting butcheries, cereal traders and fuel stations to verify the authenticity of all weighing and measuring equipment,” said Ogutu.

The Enterprise Department was also encouraged to embrace field work so as to get updates of the status of the projects funded by the department.

The County Secretary noted that close to 40 percent of Siaya County revenue come from Department for Entreprises and the Governor would be interested in the department’s revenue sector plans and targets, the project monitoring schedules, the strategies to strengthen cooperatives, weight and measures all of which are key drivers of regions economy.

“It’s worthless having targets and indicators on a performance contracts if they can’t be achieved. The sector has a lot of the projects that has consummed lots of resources and it needs close supervision and monitoring. That is why you must spend less hours in offices and more in the field,” he added.

The Enterprise Executive Mr. Richard Mungla and his Chief Officer Mr. Hesbon Mariwa vowed to put logistics that would see the units execute field activities for sanity to be restored in the sector.

Some of the projects undertaken by the department includes flood lights and construction of markets across the County.