Investment Opportunities by sector

Siaya County is home to an abundance of support services for new and expanding businesses. Whether you are seeking business planning advice, financing assistance or are looking for business networking opportunities, Siaya County can offer your business a variety of option of incentivess.


Statistics of 2010 collated from 69 beaches shows that Siaya County had a total catch of 9,000 tons valued at Kshs 836 million. The fisheries sector has a potential of management. Due to the proximity to the Kisumu International Airport, the county will seek to export its fish products to international markets. To facilitate this, access roads to beaches have been constructed and the county will seek to improve the support infrastructure of the beaches and landing sites to enable faster produce delivery to the market. Read More

The county has an elaborate road network system that connects the major towns of Siaya, Bondo, Ugunja,  Yala  and  Ndori. These has led to ease of trade within the county and also opened up the county to other markets. The County government is keen to improve the road network infrastructure by building access roads within the county through Private-Public  partnerships (PPPs) in to ensure that no area in the county is inaccessible by road. Read More

Investment Opportunities: H.E the Governor Giving a brief on Investment Opportunities within Siaya County

Siaya County is blessed with numerous tourist and cultural attractions. Notable geographical features in the County include: Lake Victoria, the World’s second largest fresh water lake, Lake Kanyaboli, the second largest ox- bow lake in Africa, numerous islands  such  as  Ndeda,  Mageta, and mountainous ranges like Got Ramogi and Got Abiero. Read More

The County government will use ICT  as  a  pillar  to  propel economic development and enhance service delivery. To implement this program the county  will  set  up  an  elaborate IT infrastructure and open up communities through building of e-villages Read More

Natural Resources

Siaya County experiences excellent weather conditions for exploring and developing renewable energy ventures. From carbon trading, solar and wind energy, the county has vast reserves to increase the energy capacity in the county whilst ensuring environment conservation. Read More


Siaya County enjoys favorable climatic conditions that are conducive for agriculture. Despite  this,  food  production has largely remained a rain-fed venture resulting in a net deficit in grain supply within the county. The agricultural is mainly small scale with production of food crops using non-mechanized techniques. Read More