The County Government of Siaya invites applications for prequalification/Registration from interested, competent and eligible suppliers for the Supply and Delivery of goods and Provision
of services and works listed below for the financial year 2017-2019
1 CGS/PREQ/1/2017-19 Supply of General Office Stationery
2 CGS/PREQ/2/2017-19 Supply of Computer, Laptops, Software, Printers and accessories
3 CGS/PREQ/3/2017-19 Supply of Office Equipment and Furniture
4 CGS/PREQ/4/2017-19 Supply and delivery of petrol, diesel, oils, lubricant and gas
5 CGS/PREQ/5/2017-19 Supply of Motor Vehicle and Plant Tubes and Tyres
6 CGS/PREQ/6/2017-19 Supply of hardware materials
7 CGS/PREQ/7/2017-19 Supply of Electrical Materials and Fittings
8 CGS/PREQ/8/2017-19 Supply of Chemicals & Reagents
9 CGS/PREQ/9/2017-19 Supply of Livestock Feeds, Feeds Supplements, Fertilizers & Farm Inputs
10 CGS/PREQ/10/2017-19 Supply of Uniforms, Carpets, Curtains, Footwear & other Protective Clothing.
11 CGS/PREQ/11/2017-19 Supply of Promotional Materials, Branded T-Shirts & Caps, Banners,Exhibition Stands and Related Services
12 CGS/PREQ/12/2017-19 Provision of Printing Services
13 CGS/PREQ/13/2017-19 Supply of Motor Vehicle and Plant Spare Parts, Batteries & Accessories
14 CGS/PREQ/14/2017-19 Supply of Drugs,Sera and Vaccines
15 CGS/PREQ/15/2017-19 Provision of Pest control, fumigation & other related services
16 CGS/PREQ/16/2017-19 Provision of Veterinary and other related services
17 CGS/PREQ/17/2017-19 Supply,delivery & maintenance of firefighting equipment
18 CGS/PREQ/18/2017-19 Supply of bovine embryos, bovine synchronization drugs & sexed semen
19 CGS/PREQ/19/2017-19 Provision of motor vehicle cleaning services
20 CGS/PREQ/20/2017-19 Provision of Medical, Motor Vehicle and General Insurance Services
21 CGS/PREQ/21/2017-19 Provision of Travel agency and related services
22 CGS/PREQ/22/2017-19 Provision of cleaning services,sanitary services,garbage collection,Gardening and Landscaping
23 CGS/PREQ/23/2017-19 Supply & delivery of Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Poultry
24 CGS/PREQ/24/2017-19 Provision of building and construction services
25 CGS/PREQ/25/2017-19 Provision of motor vehicle and Plant repair services
26 CGS/PREQ/26/2017-19 Provision of Catering services
27 CGS/PREQ/27/2017-19 Provision of Security services
28 CGS/PREQ/28/2017-19 Provision of transport hiring Services
29 CGS/PREQ/29/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of General Equipment, plants and Machines
30 CGS/PREQ/30/2017-19 Provision of Legal Services
31 CGS/PREQ/31/2017-19 Provision of Hotel Conferencing and accommodation services
32 CGS/PREQ/32/2017-19 Construction of roads and bridges
33 CGS/PREQ/33/2017-19 Drilling and Equipping of boreholes,construction of dams and waterpans
34 CGS/PREQ/34/2017-19 Provision of repair and maintenance of I.C.T Equipment
35 CGS/PREQ/35/2017-19 Provision of Software development
36 CGS/PREQ/36/2017-19 Provision of Web hosting and maintenance
37 CGS/PREQ/37/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of Fresh Flowers
38 CGS/PREQ/38/2017-19 Provision of research, Training and consultancy services
39 CGS/PREQ/39/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of Unrefined Fuel (Charcoal,Firewood e.t.c)
40 CGS/PREQ/40/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of Medical Equipment and Materials
41 CGS/PREQ/41/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of Medical Drugs
42 CGS/PREQ/42/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of non-pharmaceuticals and dressing materials
43 CGS/PREQ/43/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of foodstuffs,and kitchen materials
44 CGS/PREQ/44/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of Cleansing and sanitation items
45 CGS/PREQ/45/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of laboratory reagents
46 CGS/PREQ/46/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of X-Ray, Physiotherapy and dental material
47 CGS/PREQ/47/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of Refined fuels and lubricants
48 CGS/PREQ/48/2017-19 Provision for repair of plants and medical machines
49 CGS/PREQ/49/2017-19 Supply and Delivery of Medical and Industrial Gas

Interested bidders MUST attach copies of the following:
(i) Valid single Business Permits, PIN Certificates, Business registration certificate /incorporation and Tax Compliance Certificate
(ii) Registration certificate from National Construction Authority where necessary
(iii) Registration Certificate from National and County Treasuries

N/B: Special groups refer to Women, Youth and Persons with Disability.

Prequalification document may be downloaded from the County Website, at no cost

Duly Completed tender document in plan sealed envelopes clearly marked with the relevant
category number and description should be addresses to:

The County Secretary
County Government of Siaya
P. O. Box 803

and be deposited in the tender box located at the main entrance ALEGO USONGA SUB –
COUNTY OFFICES , in SIAYA Town so as to reach on or before Wednesday 31st May, 2017
12.00 PM.

Prequalification Documents will be opened immediately thereafter at the Alego Usonga Sub
County Offices, Siaya in the presence of tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend.
Deputy Director, Supply Chain Management