The County Commissioner,

The County Senator,

The County Women Member of National Assembly,

Member(s) of National Assembly,

Members of The County Assembly,

Members of The County Executive,

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,


  1. We are privileged to witness this year’s Madaraka Day Celebrations to commemorate the day Kenya attained internal self-rule 56 years ago.
  2. Yet again, today is a reminder of the history and aspirations of the courageous people who came before us, fought for us, and left before they could enjoy the fruits of their sacrifices. We continue to celebrate those great men and women.
  3. I am glad that I serve a county from where mothers gave birth to some of these great heroes of our motherland including The First Vice President of Independent Kenya Hon. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.
  4. One key lesson to learn from the heroes of our independence struggle is their commitment to a common purpose with no regard for regions, clans or ethnicity. They fought the white minority rule as Kenyans and not as ethnic groups. We, the current generation must embrace each other as Kenyans in order to fulfil the aspirations of our forefathers faster and better.
  5. As the people of Siaya County, we must deliberately seek to confront our problems together and reach out to one another with no regard to our clans, regions or sub clans. I will be at the forefront in fostering a unified approach against the issues that confront us.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  1. This year’s Madaraka Day celebrations come shortly after very hotly contested general election that saw tempers flare and individuals and communities engage in very bitter exchange of words. In the spirit of ‘Building the Bridges Initiative’ recently launched by Hon. Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta and popularly referred to as the ‘handshake’, I ask the people of Siaya to bury whatever animosity we may have harboured against anyone as a result of the electoral process and build a new Siaya. This is what our forefathers would have wanted.
  2. I challenge all of us particularly the elected leaders to talk to each other more and not at each other as has been in the past. This way, we will be implementing the peace initiative spearheaded by our leaders at the national level.
  3. I applaud the County Assembly of Siaya for embracing my recent efforts to reach out to them for a peaceful and smooth working relationship so far. This is our general contribution as local leadership to the ‘Building the Bridges Initiative’ and should not back track as we enter the last five years of my two terms as the Governor of Siaya County.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  1. The last six years of devolution has been very defining for us as a county. This Madaraka Day should help us remind ourselves of what we have achieved as a county in our efforts to rule ourselves since the county governments came into place
  2. Apart from ensuring improved food security in the agriculture sector through our various programs like subsidized tractor hire services, we have increased access to healthcare through our Community Health Volunteers (Nyamrerwa) while providing a friendlier environment for our traders in local market centres through provision of solar lights and street lights across the county
  3. Further, our water services provision mechanisms are improving. Our Early Childhood Centres are now well established and equipped to provide quality education to our children than never before with an increased enrolment of up to five times since 2013.
  4. Our roads though destroyed by the ongoing rains have seen increased access to areas that were previously inaccessible. As soon as the rains subside, we have agreed to bring all our roads back to what they should be.
  5. We are about to launch a five-year strategic plan that will guide our interventions in the next five years to help improve on our efforts of the last five years.
  6. The next five years which I will refer to as my LEGACY TERM, I will work closely with the national government on the areas of THE BIG FOUR AGENDA which include: – Universal Access to Quality Healthcare, Improved Access to Quality Housing, Manufacturing and Total Food Security. This key areas have the potential of moving our country to middle income status as envisioned in Vision 2030.
  7. I also intend to promote sports through the improvement of the Siaya Sports Stadium to regional standards to help attract sports tourism and boost the economic fortunes of Siaya County while promoting local talent.
  8. Barack Obama University will soon enrol students as the bottlenecks that previously stopped our drive towards its establishment are now being resolved with the national government.
  9. We are already in discussions with our friends and partners to start an exclusive girls’ only secondary school in the league of Starehe Girls to help admit our bright but vulnerable and needy girls interested in quality education. I urge our partners to support this initiative
  10. These and several other initiatives are what we must do to prove to our heroes of the struggle for self-rule that their struggle was never in vain. For a detailed outlook of where we want to go as a county, I refer you to our County Integrated Development Plan (2018 – 2022) which will be available in our county website and all public offices as soon as it is passed by the County Assembly of Siaya.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  1. As I conclude, I would like to say that the most important gift we can give to ourselves this Madaraka Day is to recognize that after the fight for our freedom was concluded, new battlegrounds were opened. With victory, came responsibilities: economic responsibilities, social responsibilities and political responsibilities. These are the new battle fronts. To tackle them, we must encourage the spirit of handshakes, the spirit of unity, and discourage any notions of division. Our county must lead from the front in establishing this precedence. I will work very closely with all stakeholders and the national Government to improve our lot as a county. We welcome all partners to build THIS LAND OF HEROES.

Thank you

 God bless the people of Siaya County.