naturlresourcesRenewable energy
Siaya County experiences excellent weather conditions for exploring and developing renewable energy ventures. From carbon trading, solar and wind energy, the county has vast reserves to increase the energy capacity in the county whilst ensuring environment conservation.

Companies interested in venturing in solar energy production and development will benefit from energy zones that will be established within the county. These zones will have adequate road networking with proper security. The county government will provide incentives to construction companies that will incorporate green technology in their buildings.

Wind power is increasingly becoming attractive in provision of clean energy. The County will alienate areas around the shores of Lake Victoria purposefully designed to increase possibility of tapping the vast wind power.

Hydroelectric power
Yala and Nzoia are the main rivers that crisscross the county and provide water and irrigation opportunities. It is also critical that these resources could be tapped to provide hydroelectric power. The Dominion Farms in Yala swamp have already established investments in the sector and more entrants will increase the contribution of the county to the national grid.

Gold, Sand and Stone harvesting

The county is endowed with gold deposits, sand and stone sites which have remained under tapped for many years.

The government will seek partnership with organizations interested in gold prospecting within the county. It will also provide opportunities for consultants that will identify novel ways of tapping the sand and stone resources without negatively impacting the environment.