Article 43(1) (a) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 which provide that Every person has the right to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services including reproductive health care

To actualize this promise, the Government of Kenya has articulated for the implementation of the “Big Four Agenda” that include Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for all as one of the key development priorities. The goal of UHC is to ensure that, all persons resident in Kenya have access to the essential health services they need for their health and wellbeing ; and at an  affordable price

Siaya County through the department of Health and Sanitation is therefore committed to implementing the Big four Agenda as espoused by His Excellency the President, with an aspiration that by 2022, all persons in the County will be able to use the essential services they need for their Health and wellbeing through a single unified benefit package, without the risk of financial catastrophe.

The Department of Health and Sanitation, is in the process of identifying 19,456 poor and vulnerable Households (HH) (approximately 648 per ward) in preparation for the phase of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) scale up, that entails output financing model through the UHC scheme nested in NHIF.

In this regard, members of the public are invited to submit names of poor and vulnerable persons in Siaya County for health insurance subsidy under the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) scheme

The following documents are available on the websites

  1. Proposed list of beneficiaries per sub county for verification and validation
  2. National Safety Net Programme (NSNP) questionnaire (Household Living Conditions survey tool) for final submission of the beneficiaries
  3. National Universal Health Coverage(UHC) Scale up data template (kindly add the last column for Village) to be filled by members of the public

Hard copies can also be found at the office of the Sub county medical officers of health Alego Usonga, Gem, Rarieda, Ugenya, Ugunja and Bondo and   County Health Headquarters near JCC Church next to County Commissioner’s residence.

Presentations/proposals from the public may be made to:

 Email address:
 Physical address: Siaya County Health Headquarters, adjacent to JCC Church
: Chief Officer, Department of Health and Sanitation P. O. Box 597 Siaya
Deadline. 30th March 2021

Public engagement forums will be held at the following venues

1. Siaya Township Awelo chiefs camp 22/3/2021 9.00 am
2. West Alego Mwer chiefs camp 22/3/2021 10.00 am
3. Ugunja Nyasanda polytechnic 23/3/2021 10.00 am
4. North Sakwa Aila chiefs camp 23/3/2021 9.00 am
5. Ukwala Greenpark 23/3/2021 10.00 am
6. South East Alego Bar Ogong’o and Papnyadiel  chiefs camp 24/3/2021 9.00 am
7. Sigomere Sigomere chiefs camp 24/3/2021 10.00 am
8. Yala Township Yala Jamii hall 24/03/2021 9.00 am
9. South Sakwa Migwena sports ground 24/3/2021 9.00 am
10. North Ugenya Sega polytechnic 24/3/2021 10.00 am
11. East Asembo Nyilima sports ground 24/3/2021 10.00 am
12. Usonga Lunyu library 25/3/2021 2.00 pm
13. Sidindi Sikalame chiefs camp 25/3/2021 10.00 am
14. North Gem Mutumbu chiefs camp 25/03/2021 9.00 am
15. Central Sakwa Nango social hall 25/3/2021 9.00am
16. East Ugenya Urenga catholic church 25/3/2021 10.00 am
17. West Asembo Mahaya chiefs camp 25/3/2021 10.00 am
18. North Alego Nyalgunga chiefs camp 26/3/2021 11.00 am
19. South Gem Rera grounds 26/03/2021 9.00 am
20. East Yimbo Karemo chiefs camp 26/3/2021 9.00 am
21. West Ugenya Aboke Uwai catholic, 26/3/2021 10.00 am
22. North Uyoma Ragengni chiefs camp 26/3/2021 10.00 am
23. West Uyoma Manywanda chiefs camp 26/3/2021 10.00 am
24. Central Alego Boro chiefs camp 29/3/2021 9.00 am
25. East Gem Barkalare resource centre 29/03/2021 9.00 am
26. West Sakwa Kambajo dispensary 29/3/2021 9.00 am
27. Central Gem Nyawara Resource  center 30/03/2021 9.00 am
28. West Yimbo Mahanga 30/3/2021 9.00 am
29. South Uyoma Ndigwa chiefs camp 30/3/2021 10.00 am
30. West Gem Kayieye/Word hall 31/03/2021 9.00 am