IMG-20210325-WA0203Siaya Deputy Governor H. E. Dr. James Ouko Okumbe has urged contractors working on County projects to prioritize quality in their undertakings to ensure the Siaya citizens get value for their hard earned taxes.

This week on Thursday, while commissioning Ulwani Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) classroom recently built at KShs. 3.2 million, Raduodi ECDE completed at KShs. 3.2 million classes and Ugunja Disability Workshop completed at KShs. 6.8 million, the Deputy Governor noted that quality works was in also in the best interest of the contractors with the potential to earn them even more contracts with the County Government in the future.

The Deputy Governor is this week leading the Executive on behalf of His Excellency the Governor in commissioning of 80 completed projects launched three months ago in over 20 wards across the County. These projects cutting across the departments of roads, education, health and water have been completed within schedule courtesy of mechanisms of service delivery now put in place by the Governor to expedite the implementation process.

Dr. Okumbe noted in his remarks that the County Government of Siaya is committed towards ensuring the projects are of high quality hence the heavy financial investitures.

“We are servants of the public and must strive to do what is in the best interest of the project beneficiaries. Whatever issues raised by the Project Management Committees and the project beneficiaries must, therefore, be continuously addressed through out the project implementation period, particularly if such issues are part of the Bills of Quantities,” said Okumbe.

The Ulwani and Raduodi headteachers appealed to County Government to expedite the procument processes of ECDE chairs and equipment. These have been prioritised in the 2021/2022 Financial Year according to the Deputy Governor.