IMG-20210202-WA0218SIAYA Public Service Board is rooting for multi-tasking of staffs to solve the wage bill problem that currently stands at 38% of the county’s budget.

According to the board’s chairman Dr. Elijah Achoch, the Public Finance Management Act requires wage bill not to go past 35% of the County’s budget.

“We are not planning to recruit more staffs but review the duties of the existing ones and ensure the staffs multi-task as that is the only formidable strategy to address the rising wage bill in the County.

Dr. Achoch noted that productivity is currently low yet the County have more staffs that withdraw salaries every month hence the need to rethink the whole employment architecture.

Dr. Achoch was speaking during a five day workshop on the development of Performance Contract that has attracted staffs of Siaya County including directors, Chief Officers Municipality Managers and Governance Executive Dorothy Owino.

“We are focussed on initiatives that would see staffs provided with technology and multi-tasking skills that would ease ways of staffs doing businesses that enhances effective service delivery,” said Dr. Achoch adding the idea, if implemented will not overload staffs with duties.

The Public Service Chairman at the same time asked departmental heads to push the relevant assembly committees to expedite the many acts whose stagnation were impeding service deliveries.

He noted that several bills including Agriculture subsidy Bills, Evaluation Roll Bills, Cooperative Funds Bill, Industrial development bill are still lying at the committee levels of the County Assembly.

“We are in very good relations with the assembly, let’s make use of that so that the bills that have overstayed at the committee levels can be expedited and approved by assembly for them to be enacted into laws,” said Dr Achoch.

He reminded the technical working groups to see to it that planned projects are implemented.

He asked relevant sectors dealing with high flood lights, Waste management and Disposal of property and weight and measures to ensure Siaya achieves its set targets.