The department is responsible for construction and maintenance of county roads and bridges, offering technical supervision to all public works projects, installation and maintenance of electrical/solar street lights in urban centres and off-grid areas, regulation of public transport including ferries, jetties, airstrips, harbours; determining standards and quality in the built environment and maintenance of county government buildings. The sector envisions world-class roads, buildings, airstrips and other infrastructure facilities and services. The sectors’ overarching mission is to provide a well-maintained road network system and other related county transport infrastructure for sustainable socio-economic growth and development.

Vision: To provide cost-effective, world-class infrastructure facilities and services in support of Vision 2030.

Mission: To provide efficient, affordable and reliable infrastructure for sustainable economic growth and development through construction, modernization, rehabilitation and effective management of roads and all infrastructure facilities.

Core Values
• Integrity
• Team Work
• Creativity and innovation
• Quality Service
• Professionalism
The department acknowledges the contribution of the following partners in their role towards the achievement of departmental vision the: – County Government of Siaya, Siaya County Assembly, KRB, KeRRA, KuRA the General Public among other partners.

Administration section
The section has 13 staff led by The County Executive Committee Member for Roads Hon. Jaoko Oburu, Chief Officer Eng. James Onyango, Chief Administrative Officer, Office Administrators, Clerks and Support staff distributed in Bondo and Alego Usonga/Headquarters offices.

The core mandate for the section is to develop policy and ensure smooth coordination and operation of activities in the department. The section also ensures Performance Management standards are adhered to as well as handling customer care issues in the department.
The Department has 5 sections namely Administration, Roads, Public Works, Energy, Fire and Rescue Services

Message from The County Executive Committee Member
On behalf of H.E. the Governor Cornel Rasanga, the County Executive, our committed Departmental Staff and the people of Siaya County, I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Department of Roads, Public Works, Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (RPWTEI).
The Department takes pride in providing first class customer service to a diverse clientele in roads maintenance, building construction, public transport, energy, emergency services (Fire and Rescue) and other infrastructure necessary for facilitating development and improving the quality of life for our citizens in and outside the county.
We have initiated a working relationship for collaboration and partnership with some key stakeholders in the sectors we represent like Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA), Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA), Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC). The relationship is outlined through MOUs that will be formally signed to guide a productive engagement.
Working with these key stakeholders and partners has further improved service delivery by ensuring that all public funds are expended prudently with little room for duplication. Relevant projects with maximum impact on the community welfare are also jointly identified through the sharing of work plans and thus, improving community participation and acceptance of projects.
The Department of Roads, Public Works, Transport, Energy and Infrastructure operates a “CORRUPTION FREE ZONE” with extra emphasis on timely and efficient service delivery to our clientele. We have developed a budget based work plan for the FY 2019/20 and a performance contract signed with H.E. the Governor for well defined deliverables in tandem with the CIDP 2018/2022.The CIDP gives a strategic direction to all county development projects and is further broken into annual plans by our department.
Siaya County takes pride in being first in many devolution milestones. The county was one of the first to automate its payments in the finance department by fully implementing IFMIS. This has been followed most recently by implementation of the End to End (E to E) procurement system for all tenders. By striving to fully automate the finance department, the County Government of Siaya (CGS) is reigning in corruption.

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County Executive Committee Member: Public Works, Energy, Roads and Transport
Hon. Jaoko Oburu Odinga

Ag. Chief Officer: Public Works, Energy, Roads and Transport
James Onyango

CEC: Public Works,Roads,Transport and Communication

CHIEF OFFICER: Public Works,Roads,Transport and Communication

DIRECTOR: Public Works,Roads,Transport and Communication

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