His Excellency Cornel Rasanga Amoth has today sent a strong warning against a negative illness that is slowly creeping into the Siaya County Public Service called “hii ni kazi ya county,” interpreted to mean “this is county government work”. This lacklustre and complacent attitude, the Governor has emphasised, is a regressive connotation that county government work should be taken for granted and that performance without strict supervision is not prioritised.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-28 at 19.51.03While opening a one week Siaya County Human Resource Management Advisory Committee workshop at VIP, Hotel, Madeya earlier today, the Siaya Governor noted that if anyone in Siaya county public service still entertains such attitudes and mind sets, they would definitely be caught in an already discarded time warp. “As county public servants, we should be concerned about effective, efficient, equitable and ethical delivery of services to our customers who are the citizens of our county. This is the core essence for this Committee, which is an important tool for performance planning and management in any organization,” the Governor added.

The Siaya County Human Resource Management Advisory Committee chaired by the County Secretary who is also the Head of Civil Service is composed of all Chief Officers, The Human Resource Directorate, and a section of the County Public Service Board. The one week workshop will be facilitated by a team of five facilitators under the leadership of the Chairman of the Siaya Public Service Board Dr. Elija Achoch and will canvas various matters of importance to County Human Resource Management aimed at answering the question of “How do we, as staff, contribute towards the improved and positive transformation of the lives of the people of Siaya?”

In their remarks preceding the Governor’s remarks, the County Secretary Mr. Joseph Ogutu, the County Attorney Ambassador Richard Owade, the Public Service Board Chairman Dr. Elijah Achoch and the County Executive in charge of Governance and Administration Mr. Odhiambo Wakla, all asked the participants to ask themselves “what difference will he/she make in public service ultimately?”. The officials also noted the expanse of untapped human capacity and county natural resources against a mal-functioning system within the county public service of Siaya County which this advisory committee must cure. “The challenge to us is to stop being labelled as the “less developed” or “developing county”, yet there is mighty potential for growth in our county,” noted Dr. Achoch.

This Committee in reviewing and aligning the Performance Appraisal Systems will go a long way to optimally use and harness these capacities and competencies. The workshop is expected to inspire and equip the County towards unbundling the enormous opportunities within the County.