IMG-20210705-WA0084Siaya County Assembly has unanimously approved the county’s Ksh 8.1 Billion programme based budget estimates for the Financial Year 2021/2022.

The County’s projected resource envelope as captured in the budget estimates for the Financial Year 2021/2022 is a Ksh 8.1Billion which is 12.8 per cent increase from the Financial Year 2020/2021 budget which was Ksh 7.2 Billion.

According to the 2021/2022 fiscal year’s budget, Siaya County expects to receive Ksh 6.9 Billion as equitable share from the National Government’s Commission on Revenue Allocation up from Ksh 5.8 Billion in the FY 2020/2021.

While presenting their recommendations on the floor of the house, Siaya County Assembly’s Budget and Appropriations Committee Chairperson Mr. Sylvester Madialo stated that the county expects to raise Ksh 445 million from its own source revenue.

He added that the County projects to receive Ksh 693.4 million as conditional grants and loans, an amount that will include medical equipment at Ksh 153.2 million. Loans, grants from the national government and partners would be Ksh 540.1 million.

In summary, the county projects to fund its budget up to 85.9 per cent by the equitable share, 8.5per cent by the conditional grants and up to 5.5 per cent by its own source revenue.

Out of the Ksh 8.1 Billion budget, Siaya County has proposed to spend Ksh 2.9 Billion which is 36.7 per cent of the resource envelope on development, Ksh 3.1 Billion which is 38.2 percent compensation to employees and Ksh 2 Billion which is 25.1 per cent on operations and maintenance.