IMG-20201105-WA0236THE Siaya County Revenue and Surveillance Taskforce has, this week, undergone a three days trainings on a comprehensive revenue strategies that will seal loopholes and pilferages that deter the government from achieving the set revenue targets annually.
The training chaperoned by Dr. Elijah Achoch, a public service guru, who currently chairs the Siaya Public Service Board saw the taskforce headed by Charles Omollo Kowi subjected to an intensive crush course on best strategies to adopt inline of duty to deal with loopholes that thwarts governments efforts to meet its revenue set targets.
The training component revolved around the identification of Potential Revenue Streams, Performance Management in the Public Service, Public Finance Act, Values and Principals of Public Service and Governance among other pertinent areas.
It’s reported that in 2018/19 financial year the county collected KShs. 194 million up from the targeted 175 million while in 2019/2020 it reduced to KShs. 184 million due to COVID-19 pandemic and lapses in the revenue collection chain that this training sort to fix.
Dr. Achoch remarked at the beginning of the workshop that they have opted to capacity build the taskforce so as to use the skills to raise the revenues that has dwindled since the inception of County Governments.
“We have decided to build the capacity of the taskforce that was put in place by governor in September 2020 and expect them to push for the exploitation of dormant revenue  streams and ensure revenue is raised and administered in an effective and  efficient manner,” said Dr. Achoch.
 “We also expect them to see to it that all collected revenues are accounted for, all players in revenue are included and improved revenue collection is reported so as to ensure delivery of services to the good people of Siaya County” said Dr. Achoh.
He added that after the trainings, the taskforce members will have necessary tools that will assist in the undertaking their terms of reference and help Siaya to enhance own source of revenue collection and to give coaching, counselling and, mentoring to young personnel on the revenue collections.
The Chairman at the same time reminded the taskforce their roles that included enforcing county laws related to county revenue, assessing and addressing on  pilferages of all revenue collected, projection of revenue sources, identification and mapping of revenues and coordinating revenues streams on various departments. Present during the training were other members of the Siaya Public Service Board led by the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Lubalo.