The Corona virus has wrecked havoc a cross the globe with millions having been infected and several others having lost the battle. It has also crippled the healthcare system in most countries. Economies are on their death bed with huge job losses reported, social life disrupted with lockdowns and curfews and other stringent measures aimed at containing the virus are in place.

While all these is happening, County departments are expected to continue with service delivery. Public servants sit at the heart of the pandemic whether as frontline workers in the healthcare sector or in devising policies and strategies to mitigate its impact.

In the recent past County Executive Committee Members signed performance contracts and are in a rat race to complete the various tasks under the Rapid Response Initiative.

As public servants we must provide every day services including infrastructure development, utilisation of resources, monitoring and evaluation, institution and human resource development all in the context of the pandemic.

Learning institutions are on, courts are functioning with some giving virtual judgements and the police continue to ensure that the public follow the set Ministry of Health guidelines. At the heart of service provision are the Healthcare workers who are expected to offer Healthcare services putting their lives on the line.

To date most healthcare workers have contracted COVID-19. Some have succumbed to the virus. The public servants deserve a pat on the back for continuing to risk their lives for Governments to function.

Our Cardinal principle of continuity is under test on a day to day with public servants being quick to adopt and readjust the way in which services are delivered so as to minimize the impact of the pandemic on their own lives. Phone calls and virtual meetings have lately been adopted to provide solutions to emerging issues.

Kudos to all public servants who have fought COVID-19 and continue to provide services. Your reward is in heaven and indeed, you are heros. To those public servants at the helm who continue to burn the midnight oil to ensure things are moving even when inffected or affected, you are God sent. Special tribute to all public servants who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Your service to humanity, passion for work and individual contributions can never be forgotten. Rest in Peace dear ones. Long live Public Servants.