The sector comprises of three subsectors namely

    Tourism & Culture

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County Executive Committee Member: ICT, Tourism, Culture, Sports and Arts
Hon. Charles Oduor Ogada

Ag. Chief Officer: ICT, Tourism, Culture, Sports and Arts
Elizabeth Oduor

a) Got Ramogi cultural festival
This is an event organized by the department in partnership with stakeholders. The theme of the festival is “Duog Uru Dala Nyikwa Ramogi Ajwang, Waruak Welo”- “Come back home descendants of Ramogi Ajwang to welcome our visitors”.
The event is aimed at bringing people together to celebrate our rich cultural diversity, fostering unity, nurturing different forms of talents and promoting pilgrimage tourism in Siaya County.
The activities lined up for the festival include; cultural extravaganza, exhibitions, Got Ramogi boat race, Ramogi sevens rugby match, Fish night and cultural evening, Got Ramogi gala night and Festival Symposium.
The festival provides a platform for marketing organizational and individual products as well as interaction with different personalities and groups. It also acts as a blueprint for investors to explore various tourism investment opportunities in the county.
b) Arts Talent
Art refers to the theory and physical expression of creativity found in human societies and cultures. It is a diverse range of activities in creating visual, auditory or performing pieces (artworks), expressing the author’s imaginative, conceptual idea, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.
This event aims at creating a platform for youths from Siaya County to demonstrate and exhibit their talents, such as modeling, creative arts, performing arts and visual arts as well as interacting with different personalities and institutions in the Arts Industry.
The department should strive to develop an art Centre in an effort to nurture our youth talents and grow the creative industry in line with global trends.
c) Annual Tourism Luo Cultural festival (Piny Luo)

An event that is held jointly with the three other Luo Nyanza Counties namely; Kisumu, Homabay and Migori to promote and preserve our culture and to Promote cohesion among these counties bordering Lake Victoria. The event targets the County Staffs, Elders and the community both exhibitors and cultural performers to attend.

d) Kenya Music and Cultural Festival

This is a national competition platform for all sundry categories. These competitions encourages sporting and nurturing talents and also brings together all communities in Kenya to foster cohesion, peace and reconciliation and also promote cultural diversity for sustainable development as depicted in all the annual themes.

e) Miss Tourism Kenya

Miss Tourism Kenya is an annual pageantry conducted organized by the National Government, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce (KNCCI) and Miss Tourism Kenya National secretariat. It seeks to personify Kenya’s tourism strengths through pageantry with a national participation of talented young ladies exhibiting a passion for marketing their Counties and Nation.
The department is exploring an option of including this pageant under arts development. Miss Tourism Kenya, has an age limit of 18 to 23 years which hinders the growth of making young talents. Under the new curriculum i.e. Competence Based Curriculum, Schools are supposed to monitor children’s talent/growth from the time they begin schooling. It is in this regard that the department considers including children from age of five years in modeling to give them opportunity to nurture their talents.
f) Exploring Homestay concept

The department is envisioned to embrace homestay concept as a way of engaging the community to introduce an alternative livelihood, this will go along with increasing the bed capacity and hospitality facility in the region. The effort is also geared towards opening the potential of tourism in Western circuit and Siaya in particular.
To achieve this, directorate of tourism has earmarked stakeholders existing and potential Homestay owners from all the sub counties and have had a deliberation looking into challenges and possible engagement areas with the county government and other relevant stakeholders.
This has enabled easy buy in of the potential homestay providers since it is community driven.
The rollout plan as well gives the opportunity for the community to understand the government plan towards embracing the concept and roles of each stakeholder.
1. Exhibitions

a) Magical Kenya Travel Expo
Magical Kenya Travel Expo is the leading travel fair in East Africa, aiming at raising the profile of the destination Kenya and the region as a whole.
This year, Magical Kenya Expo organized by Kenya Tourism Board is scheduled to take place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Nairobi as from 2nd to 4th October 2019 for the African gathering of the trade.
Siaya county through the department of Tourism has participated severally in the expo as one of the exhibitors to promote Siaya as a tourism destination with exhibition products from community based tourism initiatives in Siaya.

The Kenya National Commission for UNESCO (KNATCOM) is a State Corporation which is mandated by the KNATCOM Act No. 5 of 2013 to coordinate UNESCO programs and activities in Kenya. As a Commission, KNATCOM has a dual mandate of promoting Kenya’s national interests in UNESCO and, UNESCO’s international interests in Kenya, regionally and globally. KNATCOM is the focal point for all UNESCO affairs in Kenya which have a multi-disciplinary scope that cut across relevant Government Ministries, Agencies, County Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Civil Society Organizations (CBOs), academia and individual experts.
The main objective of the KNATCOM for UNESCO National Cultural Celebration is to create a platform for counties to showcase their rich and diverse culture through performances and exhibitions in order to boost tourism for sustainable development as well as build linkages for future collaboration. The event was meant to bring together all the 47 Counties, Government Ministries, Universities and other Agencies involved in UNESCO areas of competence.
c) Devolution Conference
Devolution Conference is an event convened jointly by the Council of Governors (CoG), Ministry of Devolution and ASAL (MoDA), Senate and County Assemblies Forum (CAF).
Over the last six years, joint efforts have been made to ensure that devolution is a success. Both the National Government and the 47 County Governments have taken significant steps to implement devolution and each level of government supported sectors with fully devolved functions with requisite legislation, systems and structures to make it work. In turn, the public has been regularly updated and educated on citizen participation, the achievements so far and how they can contribute.
The Department was given opportunity to attend hence acted as the main marketing body of the County.


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