The department of Environment, water and Natural resources of the County Government of Siaya is mandated to undertake the following tasks:-

 Oversee and coordinate water and sewerage services provision in the County.

Ensure development of water and sanitation infrastructure in the County

Ensure rehabilitation and expansion of forest and tree covers in the County

Coordinate the management of solid waste in the County with a view to ensuring friendly and greener environment

Enhance environmental conservation awareness and beautification activities in the County

Manage the Natural Resources endowed in the county with a view to ensuring sustainable utilization without degrading the environment

Ensure effective noise and excessive vibrations pollution or nuisance regulation in the County

Liaise with the meteorological offices for data documentation and information dissemination

Ensure efficient and effective utilization of available human capital and other resources

Generate relevant County Specific legislation for the sector

Towards achieving the above mandates, the department appreciates that the Environment, Water and Natural Resources sector is one of the areas which requires development plans to help rejuvenate our County. The sector has therefore developed the strategic vision and mission as highlighted below:-


Sustainable access to adequate safe water and sanitation in a clean and secure environment


To promote, conserve and protect life, environment and improve access to water and sanitation for sustainable development

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County Executive Committee Member: Water, Environment and Natural Resources
Hon. George Misore Rubiik

Chief Officer: Water, Environment and Natural Resources
Dan Okoth

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