WhatsApp Image 2020-10-05 at 18.17.20 (1)Since the rehabilitation of various water pans by the World bank last year, the Department of Agriculture and various donor funded projects that include Agricultural Sector Development Support Program (ASDSP) & Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) has initiated a number of capacity building projects aimed at instilling in water pan management committees the importance and full potentials of Agriculture in rural areas. All this has majorly revolved around climate smart agricultural practices that are meant to boost food production enough for consumption and serving the market demands.

Sandhof, Futro, Uranga, Koga and Nyalnawe water pans have in their first season harvested 478kg of fish and made a total of KShs.190,000.00 from the sale of surplus produce in the last six months. In addition, Futro Water pan made KShs. 29,000 from the sale of sukuma wiki alone in the last six months.

Residents around these water pans are now investing more on fish production, horticulture and tree nurseries, an indication that gradually, residents are making progress in realizing the full potentials of these water pans.

During a two day visit to these water pans mid September 2020, the County Executive for Agriculture, Dr. Elizabeth Odhiambo affirmed that KShs. 1 Million has been allocated in this year’s budget for procurement of more agricultural input to serve farmers around the water pans. She assured the farmers that the department will not tire in offering technical training because this is one of the legacy projects of His Exellency Cornel Rasanga Amoth, meant to live beyond our grandchildren.

“Government support maybe limited in some instances so its up to you to make use of the available ones to tell a success story out of them”, said the Agriculture Chief Officer, Mr. Charles Sisso who personally testified to have feasted on Nyalnawe’s Fish harvest.

Farmers were encouraged to own these water pans like their entire lives depends on them.