University students and youths have been urged to reject any attempts by politicians to use them to cause chaos in the 2017 general elections, governor Rasanga has said.

Rasanga asked politicians seeking for various political seats in 2017 not to bank-roll University students or youths to cause violence in the campaigns ahead of ODM party primaries.

Rasanga who spoke on Thursday during the luncheon at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) said violence it’s not the remedy to unemployment or drug problems that has engrossed youths in the region that’s why you(youth) must de-link from such acts.

He urged the youths to steer away from activities that would bring trouble to other citizens.

“Youths should shun politicians who want to use them for own useful gains. He urged them to make decision that will help avoid a repeat of violence witnessed in the past election,” he added.

H.E asked politicians along tribal or clan lines, urging students to concentrate on their studies and avoid being used to cause mayhem during campaigns in Siaya.

Rasanga says Kenya needs the youth, more than before to move the Country forwards

“The Kenya we live in today that fought off alcoholism, that struggle against dictatorship and almost universal thirst for peace and effective governance is a Kenya whose young people have spoke loudly for the love of the country,” he said.

He also emphasized on the need for county government to partner with academic institutions doing research to help fine tune devolution. The governor said that there were still lacunas that scholars should help fill out.

Rasanga was flanked by JOOUST Vice-Chancellor Stephen Agong, Deputy Governor Wilson Onyango, County Secretary Mr. Dave Anyona, Governor PA Precious Pauline and County Cabinet officers led by Governance and Administration George Okello said in the coming weeks, you(youths)  must stand for peace, responsible voting and continued involvement on how the Country is developed.

Prof.. Agong’ urged the youths to bring more statesmen than politicians into leadership.

“Your Future and that of Kenya lies before you, time has come for you, as the representatives of young generation, to became pro-active in search of reconciliation. Goodwill, wisdom and statesmanship will move this Country forward,” Prof. Agong said.