Globally competitive education training, research and innovation which preserves the rich culture of the people of Siaya and nurtures talents for socio-economic development.

To provide, promote and coordinate quality education and training, integration of science technology and innovation in sustainable socio-economic development process, with focus on youth empowerment, preservation of African culture and nuture of talents and sports for a globally competitive and prosperous Kenya.

Project Name Objectives Target Description of Activities
Youth Training
Subsidized youth polytechnic tuition(SYPT) scheme To provide access to quality training for trainees enrolled in public  youth polytechnics Trainees enrolled in
public youth polytechnics
Each trainee receives
kshs 15,000/= per year up to a maximum of four years
of sports facilities in the County
To provide a recreational
Upgrade ·Upgrading of Siaya Stadium dais
·Fencing and other repairs
·Upgrading of other sports facilities
Youth enterprise fund To empower the youth
by providing them with
capital for income
generating activities
Youth groups and individuals Groups are given a
minimum starting capital
of kshs 50,000/= while individuals can get a minimum of kshs 100,000/=
Grants to community
initiative groups
To provide financial
support to vulnerable
common interest groups (CIG).
Registered community
Registering and vetting
group applications
Registration of community
initiative groups/projects
To provide legal framework
for group operations
Common interest groups
Standardization of vetting group application forms
Older persons cash
To enhance capacity of
vulnerable people to
meet basic needs
Vulnerable old persons (1501) Identify, validate and
recruit beneficiaries
People with severe disability
cash transfer(PWSD-CT)
To enhance capacity of
vulnerable people to meet basic needs
People with severe disability(350) Identify, validate and
recruit beneficiaries
Women enterprise fund To provide financial
alternative to women
Women entrepreneurs Identify, train and fund
Orphans and Vulnerable
Children Cash transfer
To empower communities to take care of orphans and vulnerable children Vulnerable house holds Identification and recruitment
Education: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
Free Primary Education
in the whole county
Increase access to
All school  age going children i.e. 6 – 13 years ·Disbursement of F.P.E. funds
·Buying of instructional materials
·Monitoring of F.P.E. implementation
Orphans and Vulnerable
children(OVC) support
Increase retention in
secondary schools
Bright students from  poor families in boarding
secondary school.
Identification of the
beneficiaries and disbursement of the funds
Infrastructure development Improvement of physical facilities Improve quality of education Schools with inadequate facilities Centres of excellence. Disbursement of funds Construction
Provision of   laboratory
equipment funds
Improved performance in  Science subjects in
secondary schools
Schools with inadequate
laboratory facilities/ equipment
Identification by D.E.O.
Secondary/primary Schools’
infrastructure development program County wide
To Enhance access,
retention and transition
All sub counties Construct and equip
the public primary and
secondary schools in the sub counties
Primary School feeding
program county wide
To Enhance retention All primary schools in the marginal areas of the county Construction of  Kitchens Develop food supply chain
Bursary scheme Program
county wide
To Promote access, retention, and transition Bright and needy students Preparation of relevant data. Disbursement of funds.
Capacity building programs for
schools management for  BOGs and SMCs county wide
To Improve management skills
of school committees and boards
 All Primary/ secondary school head teachers,
School  Management Committees members and BOGs at sub county levels
Develop a training curriculum
Mobilize boards and committees
Sanitary towel program
county wide
To enhance access, retention and completion Girl children in primary and secondary schools. Identification and distribution of the sanitary towels
Middle level colleges programme County wide To absorb students who do not proceed to universities.
To promote the county’s human resource development
All sub counties Construction of middle level colleges
Equipping and admission of qualified students
Information, communication
and technology(ICT) programme County wide
To improve access and quality of education  All primary and secondary schools in the county Training, supply and installation of ICT equipment

New Project Proposals in Education, Youth, Culture and Sports

Project Name Priority Ranking Objectives Targets Description of activities
Construction  and equipping
of youth polytechnics countrywide
1 To provide a conducive
learning environment to the youth polytechnic trainees
One youth polytechnic in each ward Preparation of Bqs,
advertisement of tenders,
award of tenders, monitoring
and evaluation
Recruitment of ECD teachers 2 To increase access retention and transitions in ECD education.
To improve quality of learning
1400 teachers (Two per ECD center by 2017) Establish number of vacancies available, set minimum requirements, advertise, interview and recruit.
Organizational development
capacity building programme
3 To enhance group development management skills Capacity build 30,000
registered community groups
Identification, registration and training
Children rescue center 4 To provide shelter for displaced children Establish one children rescue center Procurement and construction of the center
Construct  a cultural center 5 To provide cultural infrastructure
and build capacity of cultural practitioners
Artists,herbalists Preparations of Bqs’
Advertise tender, award
tender and monitor and
evaluate the construction works
Construct  a cultural center 6 To provide cultural
infrastructure and
build capacity of
cultural practitioners
Artists,herbalists Preparations of Bqs’
Advertise tender, award tender and monitor and evaluate the construction works
Construct and equip youth empowerment centers 7 To empower youth with ICT skills, information on reproductive health and undertake exchange programmes Out of school youth in the sub-counties Preparations of Bqs’
Advertise tender,
award tender and monitor and evaluate the construction works
Establish women enterprise fund 8 To empower women Women entrepreneurs Identify, train and fund
Construction and equipping of model ECD classrooms 9 To increase access and transition from ECD to primary  ECD children(4-6years) Preparations of Bqs’
Advertise tender,
award tender and
monitor and evaluate
the construction works
Recruit 118 instructors 10 To ensure quality instruction
to the yp trainees
Yp trainees Establish the vacancies, set minimum requirements, advertise, interview, recruit, deploy.
Establish and equip one(1) vocational
rehabilitation training center and six (6) sheltered workshops for PLWD
11 To enhance capacities
and skills for people
with disability
People with disability Identify, fund and train
Purchase tools and equipment for the youth polytechnics 12 To enhance the quality of instruction in the youth polytechnics Yp trainees and instructors Advertise , procure, record
in the inventory
Bursary and scholarship for the bright and needy students 13 To increase retention and transition and enhance equity Needy students from the County Establish the criteria
for identifying beneficiaries,
establish a committee to oversee the programme

County Executive Committee Member: Education Youth Affairs, Gender and Social Services
Hon. Mary Apiyo Omondi Olute

Chief Officer: Education Youth Affairs, Gender and Social Services
Mr. Henry Ouma

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