Siaya Governor James Orengo has launched the construction of 68 million surgical theatre and ICU complex center at Siaya referral hospital. The Kshs. 53 million will facilitate the construction of the complex while the Sh 14 million will go towards equipping theatre and Complex.

The Governor said the project is being funded by World bank through Kenya Devolution Support Program (KDSP) under Ministry of Devolution and ASAL.

“Upon Completion, the complex shall be one stop shop service delivery point with 4 theatre rooms, 10 bed capacity ICU, laboratory, pharmacy among other key services. This project its funded by KDSP under the Ministry of Devolution and ASAL with funding from World Bank to the tune of Sh 68 million out of which Sh 53.8 shall facilitate the construction of the complex while 14.3 shall be used for equipping,” said The Governor adding that the project shall take 10 months.

The projects shall significantly enhance the quality of service delivery. This is phase two of the funds remitted to the County Government of Siaya after over 100 million was previously sent and used to construct maternity wing at Madiany, Ambira and Ukwala hospitals and the balance spent on water pan projects.

The  Governor while addressing Health Stakeholders after commissioning the complex project, at the same said he would equip the refurbished maternity and theatre with quality equipment’s and that would be done by subsequent budgets.

“we have also opened a 42 bed capacity maternity and theatre that was under refurbishment at the Siaya Referral Hospital,” said Orengo adding the facility supports 12 deliveries daily.

Going forward, my administration have a comprehensive plan and strategy which shall address our reproductive, maternal and child health services.

“We will give priority towards modernizing health sectors in Siaya and Bondo sub-county before we cascade it to another sub-county. Our priority is health, water and food security,”.

On Ebola outbreak, Orengo asked the public not to panic as his government is in collaboration with national government on urgent measures to be adopted to tame spread of the deadly disease.

“I wish to pout the public into alert in regards to the outbreak of Ebola virus from Uganda. Owing to our proximity to the region, I wish to appeal that we take precaution and particularly heed to advice that our public health officers shall be giving on the situation from time to time,” said Orengo