Siaya government to inject resources to jump-start the stalling projects County-wide.

According to Governor James Orengo, the stalling projects country-wide stands to benefit the residents of Siaya and will assess and ascertain their status and put resources to complete them.

Orengo while presiding over the oath taking of the Siaya Executive cabinet noted that the stalling projects in Siaya were not for the Ex-governor Cornel Rasanga but were prioritized by the public hence must be completed.

“I want to assure the ex-governor that I will not let tax payers that facilitated the stalling projects go to waste. My teams will assess the status of the projects including the County stadium and will put money towards their completion,” said Orengo.

The County boss who spoke in the presence of Rasanga and its outgoing executive appreciated the works done by previous administration saying the foundation laid and projects initiated in the past ten years were a step in the right direction.

With the fresh blood of leaders that forms part of the executive, we strive to move Siaya to a greater height,” said Orengo.

The governor who was flanked by his deputy William Oduol, Bondo Mp Gideon Ochanda, Alego/Usonga Mp Samwel Atandi and host MCA’s led by their chief whip Washington Bonyo appreciated the ougoing executive for upholding their professionalisms and experience to the extent of ensuring effective management of the sectors of development.

Infact, we thought of delaying the appointment of the new CECM’s for a little longer. Amongst you, were professionals and it was enjoyable working with you, I know some of you who have passion and experience in your dockets but will still reach you for consultations,” said Orengo.

He father asked the new CECM’s to roll their sleeves and get down to work.

“Days for honeymoon its over with the oath taking. I have full confidence in your(Cabinet Executive) capacity, abilities but as every speaker has said, its your time to deliver services,” said Orengo.

“You must now forget about your quality CV’s and academic Qualifications. prove that you are worth in the docket you have been placed,” said Orengo adding that the prove in the podding is in the eating.

Orengo at the same time said that the gaps were raised by the assembly with regards to the nominees will be responded by the executive.

“We shall respond point by point for purposes of record not that we disagree with you. Will priorities issues of substance and not anything which is extraneous. We have answers to what you have raised in part of the executive,” he added.

He lauded Siaya assembly for expediting the vetting and approval of the Cabinet and supplementary budget.

I want to thank the assembly for expediting its business processes and passed very critical business within 10 days. You (Compassed the supplementary budget and now awaits appropriation bill.

“You have also approved the establishment interms of human resource for Siaya and approved the executive members,” said Orengo adding that he is optimistic that appropriation processes would be expedited to pave way for the spending of the County resources.

He however welcomed critic either positively or negatively s that would inform decisions that ewould enhance service delivery.

“I will receive it since its part of what we fought for. We want openness and we hope people will speak the truth to those given responsibilities,” said Orengo.

Ochanda and Atandi asked Siaya People to give Orengo space and time to deliver services.

“We have now put up full government system and expects to see the works kicks off as that would form part of the scorecard,” said Ochanda.

He called for partnership between the County government and other players including Mps on matters of development.

“Through partnership, we shall tame duplication of the projects,” said Ochanda.