Tender Notice : Proposed Installation of Tartan on Running Track & Installation of Stadium VIP Seats

Tender Notice : Proposed Installation of Tartan on Running Track & Installation of Stadium VIP Seats

The County Government of Siaya (CGS) hereby invites interested and eligible tenderers to apply for the tenders listed below.  Tendering will be conducted under Open National Competitive method using a standardized tender document. Tendering is open to all quali?ed and interested Tenderers.

No Supplier Portal Negotiation No. Tender No. Project Description NCA Tender Security (Kshs)
1 1441205 CGS/SCM/TCSA/OT/2023- 2024/022 Proposed Installation of Tartan on Running Track 5 & above 1,500,000
2 1441191 CGS/SCM/TCSA/OT/2023- 2024/023 Installation of Stadium VIP Seats 7 & above 400,000

Qualified and interested candidates may view, inspect and obtain complete sets of tender documents free of charge from the CGS website (www.siaya.go.ke) and the Public Procurement Information Portal (www.tenders.go.ke).  Tenderers who download the tender document should forward their particulars immediately to supplies@siaya.go.ke  to facilitate/access any further clari?cation and/or addendum.

Prices quoted should be net inclusive of all taxes and delivery costs, must be expressed in Kenya shillings and shall remain valid for a period of 98 days from the closing/opening date of the tender.  Tenders must be accompanied by Tender Securities in the amounts specified above in the form of a guarantee acceptable under the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015 and The Public Procurement and Disposal Regulations, 2006, payable to the County Secretary, CGS.

The Tenderer shall chronologically serialise all pages of the tender documents submitted

Completed tender documents are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked with the tender identification number and name and be deposited in the Tender Box provided at the main entrance of ALEGO USONGA SUB-COUNTY OFFICES, along Hospital Road within Siaya Town or be addressed and posted to:

The County Secretary
County Government of Siaya
P.O. Box 803 - 40600

so as to be received on or before 14th February, 2024 at 12.00 noon

In addition, tenderers SHALL respond to the tenders through the IFMIS Supplier portal, by the deadline indicated above in order to be eligible for award.

Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers representatives who choose to attend at the Alego Usonga Sub-County Offices.

Late tenders will be rejected

Director, Supply Chain Management


Access the County Tractor Hire Services
Contact The Following Sub County Agriculture Officer:

  • Alego Usonga 0726567247
  • Bondo  0720676629
  • Rarieda 0728 176035
  • Ugenya 0723150931
  • Ugunja 0724320426
  • Gem 0721281397
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