Agriculture, Irrigation, Food, Livestock and Fisheries

Agriculture, Irrigation, Food, Livestock and Fisheries

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Sector Overview


Goal Sector Priorities Strategies
Food and nutrition Security Social enterprise development
  • Extension, input and subsidy support services
  • Process based designated staffing
  • Promote people handling and on farm trading
  • Mechanization support
  • Formulate fit for purpose policies and regulations
Commercial system development
  • Extension, input and subsidy support services
  •  Process based designated staffing
  • Promote agricultural mechanization programs. and technology innovation management practices
  • Formulate fit for purpose policies and regulations
  • Program based anchor value chains: Dairy, avocado, aquaculture, poultry and fruits
  •  Development of aggregation, storage, transportation and off take systems
  • Quality control and standards
  • Systems for licensing of secondary and value chain players
  • Establishment of nuclear firms and out-grower systems
  • Promote irrigated agricultural production
  • Promotion of youth and women Enterprise in Agriculture
  • Promote sustainable management of natural agricultural resources (soil, water, riparian zones).
Agri-industrial System Development
  • Establishment of the Agri-industrial zones
  • Identification of anchor processor firms
  • Establishment of PPP arrangement and support systems
  • Expert staffing aligned to anchor commodity and industry
  • Promote climate change resilience practices in the value chains
Increase Sustainable Livelihood Incomes Market Systems Development
  • Improve aggregation of agricultural produce
  • Establishment of end-market for agricultural produce
  • Establishment of value chain hubs in various municipalities: Yala for dairy, Ugunja for avocado, Ukwala for groundnuts, Madiany for cotton, Bondo for fish value chain.
  • Policies and regulation to promote centralized and joint Marketing
  • Strengthen producer- consumer linkages
  • Enhance access to market information
  • Support youth and women  in agribusiness
Agri-Business Development Systems
  • Strengthening of producer organization: building capacity for corporate governance, business organization, access to credit and market linkage.
  •  Strengthen the existing SMEs to become off-takers
  • Promote the establishment  and development of Youth and Women owned MSMEs in various nodes in various value chains.

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