This sector recognizes principles of devolution and the rule of law according to the constitution of Kenya 2010 and the County government Act 2012. Security under this sector is paramount and a major indicator to development.

A secure, just, cohesive, democratic accountable, transparent and conducive environment for a globally competitive and prosperous Kenya.

Ensuring effective and accountable leadership to promote a just, democratic and environment and establishes strong governance institutions to empower citizens for the achievement of socio-economic and political development.

Strategic Overview and Context for Budget Intervention;

To respond to above vision and mission, the County will strive to create a conducive environment in order to allow for smooth delivery of state services and for its population and other investors alike to fully engage in productive Processes. In particular, efforts will be put in to ensure law and order, speedy processing of business requirements such as licensing, access to justice and strengthening good governance. The administration through the development Committees will ensure that the facilities e.g. roads telephone education health are well maintained and improved so as to meet the requirements of the community. Efforts are also in place to ensure judicious use of public funds.

In view of the challenges faced by the Siaya county namely poor infrastructure lack of adequate equipment to fight crime poor collection of revenue cross border conflict, amongst others, the sector has an important role to play to ensure that proper governance and administrative structures are speedily set up in compliance with the constitution of Kenya 2010 and other enabling legislations.

Amongst the measures that have been proposed in this plan are established of Sub-County ward, and village management units (VMU) through Legislation. This will be undertaken by the executive and will be approved by the County assembly as required by the law before becoming operational.

Priority has also been given to disaster management through provision of fire fighting machines and rescue. To enhance security of Kenyan fishermen within Lake Victoria, the County proposes to establish ground security and Marine patrols necessary fishing grounds. This is aimed securing the sector which contributes greatly to County and national economy.

Programme : Enhance quality and service delivery.
Programme Community policing
To enhance good public relations between the public and the police
Programme : Recruitment and placement
To provide qualified and competent personnel and staff
Programme : Construction of a Marine base at Ndeda island
To construct an AP marine base at Ndeda to reduce maritime crime rate in L. Victoria and its environs.
Programme: AP housing
To construct at least 400 AP houses in each of the Sub-Counties so as to improve the living conditions of the officers.
Programme: Staff training
To enhance productivity, relevance and reliability of the workforce in the County
Programme : Governor’s office block construction
To provide office accommodation for county government headquarters and H.E. the Governor’s office.
Programme : County police Commandant’s office
To construct County Police Commandants office to improve effectiveness and efficiency of security service delivery.
Programme : Siaya County government press
To establish a complete and functional County government press as to increase efficiency in the dissemination of public inform
Programme : Public service board
To enhance provision of skilled and effective workforce.

County Executive Committee Member: Governance and Administration
Hon. Dismus Omondi Wakla

Ag. Chief Officer: Governance and Administration
Joseph Omondi

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