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Governance, Administration & ICT

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The Department is responsible for the provision of overall strategic leadership and responsive development planning with the aim of securing effective, efficient and timely delivery of quality services to citizens. The perception of the majority of residents of Siaya based on public engagements conducted by the government, rates services delivery as low. In addition, service delivery has been hampered by poor working conditions due to inadequate office space, limited office operational tools and equipment and poor fleet management. This necessitates the prioritization of interventions to improve service delivery.

To improve efficiency of County operations and access to service delivery, the Department will develop an integrated ICT and digitization policy that will establish a County Enterprise Resource Planning System that will digitize all services offered by the County Government. Additionally, to strengthen coordination of services, delivery of programs and communication of government priorities and achievements, this plan will strengthen the operations of decentralized structures in urban areas, sub county and ward levels. The department will also improve public communication in the county by strengthening and operationalizing the County Communication Unit and developing and implementing a County Public Communication Strategy. To improve citizen engagement and participation in governance, the Department will strengthen public participation and civic education with the aim to enhance open governance. The Department will also improve the working conditions to improve staff productivity and strengthen fleet management.

Goals Sector Priorities Strategies
Proximate, accessible and efficient service delivery Improve county service delivery.
  • Establish E-governance to digitize County Government operations
  • Strengthen public service coordination and inter-governmental relations
  • Strengthen the administrative structures of decentralized units i.e. urban areas, sub county, ward and village levels.
  • Strengthen public participation and civic education
  • Construction of county headquarters and office block
  • Operationalize Governor’s Service Delivery Unit
  • Strengthen inspectorate, compliance and enforcement services
  • Strengthen Public Participation, Civic Education and Grievance Redress
Strengthen Human Resource Planning, Management and Development
  • Develop and implement a Human Resource Management and Development policies, legislation and plans
  • Institute a performance management system
  • Review the staff establishment, rationalization and restructuring of departments
  • Integrate the Human Resource Information Management system with the County ERP
Strengthen administrative decentralized administrative units
  • Strengthen the operations of decentralized structures in urban areas, sub county and ward levels
  • Establish inter-departmental coordination structure at sub county and ward levels
  • Construction, renovation and equipping of ward and sub county administration offices
  • Strengthen disaster management and response capacity
Enhance county public information and communication services
  • Establish and operationalize a County Public Communication Office
  • Develop and implement a County Public Communication policy and strategy
  • Establish County Government Press/Printer
  • Domesticate and implement legal and policy framework on Access to Information
  • Establish county FM radio station
Enhance county ICT capacity
  • Develop and implement Siaya County ICT Strategy
  • Expansion of broadband infrastructure
  • Automate government processes (e-governance)
  • Establish Community Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Promote E-commerce and online marketplaces
  • Support the development of digital incubation centres and accelerator programs

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