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The mandate of the sector includes; Community health; health education; primary health care; environmental health; disease control; County health facilities and pharmacies; ambulance services; medical supplies; Medical machines and instruments; health facilities infrastructures; health care systems amenities and medical waste management. The sector is composed of two execution units namely; Curative, biomedical, rehabilitative and referral services; preventive and promotive health services. The sector envisions a healthy and productive county through provision of quality healthcare for all. The goal of the sector is to provide accessible, quality and affordable healthcare.
Sector Priorities
  • Strengthen Health service delivery framework
  • Improvement of health infrastructure
  • Strengthen management system of health products and technology
  • Improvement of health information system
  • Strengthen research and innovation
  • Strengthen health financing
  • Effective administration and support services
  • Strengthening of universal health coverage
  • The sector plans to provide accessible, quality and affordable healthcare through: Recruitment of healthcare workers; enhance universal healthcare; construction of hospital complexes in Siaya and Bondo; equipping existing health facilities; establishment of model health centres; strengthen management of health commodities; upscale the health referral system; strengthen management of communicable and non-communicable diseases especially HIV, Malaria, TB and mental health.
      General Administration, Planning & Support Services -: :To improve service delivery and provide supportive services to agencies under the health sector
      Curative, Biomedical ,Rehabilitative and Referral Services :- To provide accessible, affordable and expanded diagnostic and curative services
      Preventive and Promotive Health Services :- To provide effective and efficient preventive and promotive health interventions across the county.

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