Public Works, Energy, Roads and Transport

Public Works, Energy, Roads and Transport

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A premier county in infrastructure and energy.

To provide quality public transport system, built environment, and efficiently utilize energy resources for sustainable socio-economic growth and development.

Strategic Objective 
To increase accessibility and mobility within the county.
To improve Safety and output quality in the built Environment.
To promote energy and energy reticulation in the context of climate change.

1. Provide efficient, affordable and reliable infrastructure for sustainable economic growth and development through construction, modernization, rehabilitation and effective management of the County PWRET infrastructure facilities;
2. Design, rehabilitate and maintain county roads;
3. Implementing road policies in relation to county roads;
4. Collecting and collating all such data related to the use of county roads as may be necessary for efficient forward planning;
5. Liaising and coordinating with other authorities in planning and operations respect of county roads;
6. Development of infrastructure for landing facilities to facilitate water transport linking inter/intra counties;
7. Development of an Off- Grid electrification master plan for Islands on Lake Victoria within Siaya and pilot Net-metering using Grid-tie PV solar systems, and
8. Designing of public buildings and other infrastructures.

GoalSector PrioritiesStrategies
Effective and efficient movement of goods and peopleImprove road, water and air transportUpgrading of selected link roads to bitumen and cabro standards
Maintenance of existing roads, bridges and culverts
Upgrading of airstrips
Establish feeder ports and construct jetties and harbours in liaison with Kenya Maritime Authority
Development of the road transport masterplan
Construction of class B and C roads in collaboration with National Government
Operationalization of material testing laboratory
Improve public transport system
Sustainable energy solutionsEnhance use of sustainable renewable energy solutionsOperationalize energy function in the county
Preparation of Siaya County Energy Masterplan
Preparation of Ndanu falls hydro power plant master plan and feasibility study
Promote alternative energy sources
Establish energy innovation centres
Connection of electricity to unserved areas in collaboration with National Government Agencies
Effective administration and support servicesEffective general administration planning and support servicesRecruitment, capacity building  and promotion of staff
 Develop a county infrastructure database
Develop Relevant policies and legislations (Labour and Performance based roads maintenance, public transport policy, County Energy Policy, Mechanical Transport Fund, County Roads Maintenance Board)
Conduct project stakeholder engagement
Establish Public Private Partnership framework

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