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Tourism, Culture, Sports & Arts

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Globally competitive education training, research and innovation which preserves the rich culture of the people of Siaya and nurtures talents for socio-economic development.


To provide, promote and coordinate quality education and training, integration of science technology and innovation in sustainable socio-economic development process, with focus on youth empowerment, preservation of African culture and nuture of talents and sports for a globally competitive and prosperous Kenya.

Increase tourist arrivals
  • Develop infrastructure to promote tourism
  • Develop relevant policies and legislations
  • Identification, preservation and development of cultural and natural heritage sites
  • Develop and promote tourism products,
  • Develop the hospitality industry
  • Link the county with the Western Kenya Tourism Circuit.
Develop sports Art and talents
  • Develop a sports strategy for the county,
  • Promote all sports including athletics, swimming, cycling, hockey, basketball and water sports
  • Develop infrastructure to support sports
  • Facilitate county tournaments and sports festivals.
  • Identify nurture and promote Art

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