About Us

Siaya Municipality

  • Overview

  • Siaya Municipality Board

  • Municipal Management

  • Municipal Plans

  • Municipal Projects

Our Vision

An Economically, Vibrant, Prosperous, Socially, Cohesive and Interlinked Entity

Our Mission

To facilitate a holistic, orderly and sustainable Urban Environment for the welfare of all the residents of Siaya Our motto A Municipality of CHOICE for Settlement, Investment, work and recreation

Our Objectives

  • To spearhead and manage issues touching on governance within Siaya Municipality
  • To intergrate land use and infrastructure planning to improve the built economic and social environments of Siaya Municipality.
  • To promote a socio-economic development and protection of significant natural resource.
  • To promote a safe, aesthetic and healthy urban environment in Siaya Municipality
  • To improve and expand functional urban infrastructure and services within Siaya Municipality.
  • To conserve, develop and promote Cultural and Intellectual heritage, sites and activities within Siaya Municipality
  • To provide a framework for resource mobilization, generation, partnerships and joint ventures necessary for service delivery within Siaya Municipality
  • To provide a framework for policy and plan formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • To make Siaya a destination for investment, live work and recreate.
  • Core Mandate
  • Promotion, regulation and provision of refuse collection and solid waste management services
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Construction and maintenance of Municipal Administrative offices and Yard
  • Design construction and maintenance of Urban roads and Associated Infrastructure
  • Development and enforcement of municipal plans and development controls
  • Construction and maintenance of recreational parks and green spaces
  • Collection rates, taxes levies duties fees and surcharges on fees
  • Promotion regulation and provision of animal control welfare
  • Promotion, regulation and provision of municipal and cultural activities
  • Construction and maintenance of Municipal Markets and Abattoirs

Contacts P.O.BOX 803, 40600 SIAYA Telephone :0762748487 EMAIL: municipality@siaya.go.ke/lachila@siaya.go.ke

Siaya Municipality Board

o Municipal Budget

o Municipal Charter o Annual Investment Plans

o Integrated Urban Development Plans (IDeP)


  • Finalization of siaya municipality spatial/land use plan
  • Marking of parking lanes in Siaya town
  • Naming of streets and erection of road singage in Siaya Municipality
  • Acquisition of land for municipal waste management
  • Construction of new parking lots in Siaya Town
  • Fencing of siaya municipal cemetery land
  • Landscaping within siaya town
  • Opening and grading of back streets roads in siaya municipality
  • Street Naming Phase II
  • Construction of parking bays in Siaya Town
  • Construction of modern toilets in Ndere and Segere
  • Fencing and installation of a gate of cemetry land
  • High mast lighting at Rock, Banana, Rabango, Awelo, Pap Boro, Mulaha
  • Acquisition of Solid waste management tools and equipment
  • Construction of refuse chambers in Segere, Ndere, Boro and various points in Siaya Towns
  • Installation of bill boards and advertising spaces in Siaya Town

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