“An economically vibrant, prosperous, socially cohesive, and functionally interlinked entity”


To facilitate a holistic, orderly and sustainable urban environment for the welfare of all the residents of Siaya Municipality


siaya board

Siaya Municipal Manager

Linet Achila Oyola-Municipal Manager Phone 0723-551-115

Job Description Siaya Municipal Manager.
Roles and Responsibilities
Reporting to the Municipal Board, the Municipal Manager will be responsible for the functions provided in the Urban Areas and Cities Act 2012 as follows:
1. Developing policies, plans, strategies and programs for approval by the Board in consultation with the County Executive Committee
2. Formulation and implementation of Integrated Development Plans as guided by the Municipal Board & County Executive Committee
3. Development and management of schemes, including site developments in collaboration with relevant national and county agencies
4. Implementation of legislation relevant to the proper functioning of the Municipality
5. Implementation of Board policies on control of land use, land subdivision, land development and zoning by the public and private sector.
6. Promoting infrastructural development and service delivery within the municipality
7. Management and administration in accordance with the Urban Areas and Cities Act
8. Implementation and monitoring of performance management systems: and
9. Implementation of any other Municipal Board decision.
10. Enforce the Provisions of Siaya Municipality Charter
11. Any other duties as may be assigned by the Municipal Board

Three Municipal Board Meetings have taken place on the following dates: –
1. 13th of August, 2019
2. 20th of August, 2019
3. 26th of August, 2019

Municipal Citizen fora meetings are scheduled as follows:
1.First Quarter Citizen Fora – Siaya Town, Boro & Karemo- 15th & 16th of August, 2019.
2. Second Quarter Citizen Fora – Siaya Town, Boro & Karemo – 20th & 21st November, 2019.
3. Third Citizen Fora -Siaya Town & Ndere Market – 12th & 13th February, 2020.
4. Fourth Citizen Fora – Siaya Town – 27th May, 2020.

Activities for 3rd And 4th Quarter- Siaya Municipality
1. 3rd Quarter Municipal Board Meeting – 4th March, 2020- venue Municipal Boardroom2. 3rd Quarter Urban Citizen Fora – 12th March, 2020 – Siaya3. 3rd Quarter Urban Citizen Fora – 13th March, 2020 – Boro Market4. 4th Quarter Municipal Board Meeting – 6th May, 2020- Municipal Boardroom5. 4th Quarter Municipal Urban Citizen Fora – 14th March, 2020. – Siaya6. 4th Quarter Municipal Urban Citizen Fora – 15th March, 2020. – Dondi/Ndere

A member of Public Contributiong at Boro Chief Camp

Citizen Engagaement at Karemo Social Hall

Community Member asking questions at Siaya ATC


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