List of Prequalified Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants for supply & provision of various Goods, Works and Services FY 2021-2023

List of Prequalified Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants

The County Government of Siaya (CGS) has established a register of Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants for supply and provision of various Goods, Works and Services for a period of two (2) years (2021/2022 – 2022/2023. Suppliers are invited to view the status of their Registration, indicating the category of goods, works or services they applied for.

1 CGS/REG/2021/1 Supply and Delivery of Office Stationery and Other Office Equipment View List
2 CGS/REG/2021/2 Supply and Delivery of Computer, Laptops, Software, Printers and accessories View List
3 CGS/REG/2021/3 Supply and Delivery of Office Equipment and Furniture View List
4 CGS/REG/2021/4 Supply and delivery of petrol, diesel, oils, lubricant and gas View List
5 CGS/REG/2021/5 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicle and Plant Tubes and Tyres View List
6 CGS/REG/2021/6 Supply and Delivery of hardware and building materials View List
7 CGS/REG/2021/7 Supply and Delivery of Electrical Materials and Fittings View List
8 CGS/REG/2021/8 Supply and Delivery of Newspapers and Magazines View List
9 CGS/REG/2021/9 Supply and Delivery of Livestock Feeds, Feeds Supplements, Fertilizers Other Farm Inputs View List
10 CGS/REG/2021/10 Supply and Delivery of Uniforms, Footwear & other Protective Clothing Equipment. View List
11 CGS/REG/2021/11 Supply and Delivery of Carpets, Curtains and Accessories View List
12 CGS/REG/2021/12 Supply and Delivery of Surveying Equipment and Instruments View List
13 CGS/REG/2021/13 Supply and Delivery of Promotional Materials, Branded T-Shirts, Caps, Banners, Exhibition Stands and Related Items View List
14 CGS/REG/2021/14 Provision of Event Management Services View List
15 CGS/REG/2021/15 Provision of Printing, photocopying, binding and Publishing Services View List
16 CGS/REG/2021/16 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicle  and Plant Spare Parts, Batteries & Accessories View List
17 CGS/REG/2021/17 Supply and Delivery of Plants, Motor Vehicle, Motor Cycle and Bicycles View List
18 CGS/REG/2021/18 Provision of Pest control, fumigation & other related services View List
19 CGS/REG/2021/19 Provision of Veterinary and other related services View List
20 CGS/REG/2021/20 Supply and delivery of firefighting equipment and Apparatus View List
21 CGS/REG/2021/21 Maintenance of firefighting equipment View List
22 CGS/REG/2021/22 Supply of Drugs, Sera, Vaccines, bovine embryos, bovine synchronization drugs & sexed semen View List
23 CGS/REG/2021/23 Provision of Motor Vehicle Cleaning Services View List
24 CGS/REG/2021/24 Provision of Medical, Motor Vehicle and General Insurance Services View List
25 CGS/REG/2021/25 Provision of Travel agency and related services View List
26 CGS/REG/2021/26 Provision of Cleaning, Bush Clearing and Garbage Collection Services View List
27 CGS/REG/2021/27 Provision of Gardening and Landscaping Services View List
28 CGS/REG/2021/28 Supply and Delivery of Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Poultry and other Domestic Animals View List
29 CGS/REG/2021/29 Provision of Hotel Conferencing and Accommodation Services View List
30 CGS/REG/2021/30 Provision of Plant, Motor Vehicle, Motor Cycle and Other Cycles Repair services View List
31 CGS/REG/2021/31 Provision of Catering services View List
32 CGS/REG/2021/32 Provision of Security services View List
33 CGS/REG/2021/33 Provision of Transport Services View List
34 CGS/REG/2021/34 Supply and Delivery of unassorted General Equipment View List
35 CGS/REG/2021/35 Supply and Delivery of Plants and Machines View List
36 CGS/REG/2021/36 Provision of Legal Services View List
37 CGS/REG/2021/37 Provision of Building, Construction, Renovation and Demolition Works View List
38 CGS/REG/2021/38 Provision of Construction of Roads, Bridges and other Civil Works View List
39 CGS/REG/2021/39 Provision of Drilling and Equipping of boreholes, construction of dams and water pans and other Related Works View List
40 CGS/REG/2021/40 Provision of Installation, Repair and Maintenance of I.C.T Equipment View List
41 CGS/REG/2021/41 Provision of Software development and Maintenance Services View List
42 CGS/REG/2021/42 Provision of Web Hosting and Maintenance Services View List
43 CGS/REG/2021/43 Supply and Delivery of Fresh Flowers View List
44 CGS/REG/2021/44 Provision of Research, Training and Consultancy services View List
45 CGS/REG/2021/45 Supply and Delivery of Unrefined Fuel (Charcoal, Firewood e.t.c.) View List
46 CGS/REG/2021/46 Supply and Delivery of Medical Equipment and Materials View List
47 CGS/REG/2021/47 Supply and Delivery of Medical Drugs View List
48 CGS/REG/2021/48 Supply and Delivery of Non-pharmaceuticals and Dressing Materials View List
49 CGS/REG/2021/49 Supply and Delivery of Foodstuffs, and Kitchen Materials View List
50 CGS/REG/2021/50 Supply and Delivery of Cleansing and Sanitation Items View List
51 CGS/REG/2021/51 Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Reagents and Other Chemicals View List
52 CGS/REG/2021/52 Supply and Delivery of X-Ray, Physiotherapy and Dental materials View List
53 CGS/REG/2021/53 Repair and Maintenance of Plants and Medical machines View List
54 CGS/REG/2021/54 Supply and Delivery of Medical and Industrial Gas View List
55 CGS/REG/2021/55 Supply and Delivery of Engine Boats, Boats and other Boat Accessories. View List
56 CGS/REG/2021/56 Supply and Delivery of Seedlings View List
57 CGS/REG/2021/57 Supply and Delivery of Fishing Nets, Cages and Other Accessories View List

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