Government Embarks on Efforts To Boost Markets For Lower Nzoia Irrigation Scheme Project

Government Embarks on Efforts To Boost Markets For Lower Nzoia Irrigation Scheme Project

Siaya Governor James Orengo today hosted a delegation from the State Department, Irrigation PS Ephantus Kimotho and his counterpart Trade PS Alfred Kombudo who visited Siaya for triparty discussions between the State Department of Irrigation and Siaya County government. The discussions aimed at ensuring better aggregation, storage and connection to the market of rice through a commodity exchange and the warehouse receipt system to realize income as the Lower Nzoia irrigation scheme nears completion.

The Governor touted the project as a game changer and said his administration has already completed the construction of a rice mill in Siriwo as they await completion of the Lower Nzoia Irrigation project. Addressing the press after the meeting at the County headquarters, PS Trade said as the infrastructural development of the scheme project nears completion, the department is keen to ensure the markets works correctly to realize income from the project.

His Irrigation counterpart said farmers will generate an estimated revenue of Sh4.8 billion annually once the project is completed.PS Kimotho added that they are planning to have at least 3, 000 acres into production by the end of the month.In one and a half years, we will be able to have at least 10, 000 acres into production, with an estimated 50, 000 metric tons of rice per year, he said.

He added that they are targeting to produce at least 440, 000 metric tonnes in the next three years. The project, which is being funded by the World Bank/IDA, KfW and the Government of Kenya, will elevate Siaya and Busia counties to become the bread baskets of Nyanza and Western regions as the Sh3.9 billion Lower Nzoia Irrigation project comes to a completion.

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