Provisions of Article 220(2) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and Sections 102(h), 104(i) and 108 of the County Governments Act 2012 prescribe the preparation process and structure of a five-year County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) for each county.

The County Government of Siaya is in the process of preparing the County Integrated Development Plan for FY 2023-2027.

Pursuant to Section 115 of the County Governments Act 2012, the County Government of Siaya requests members of the general public to participate in the planned public engagements as per the attached schedule and/or submit hard/soft copies of memoranda on the same latest December 20th, 2022. Hard copies of memoranda should be addressed to the undersigned with a copy to the office of the County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Economic Planning. Soft copies of the same should be sent to

Note: These fora will be held from 10.00 am

Sub County Ward  Date Venue
Bondo North Sakwa 14th Dec/ 2022  Bondo Town Hall
Central Sakwa 15th, Dec/2022  Nango Social Hall
East Yimbo 16th, Dec/2022  Nyamonye Market
South Sakwa 19th, Dec/2022  Migwena Sports Ground
West Sakwa 20th, Dec/2022  Maranda DO’s Office
West Yimbo 20th, Dec/2022  Usenge Chiefs Camp
Rarieda North Uyoma 14th Dec/ 2022  Rageng’ni Market
East Asembo 15th, Dec/2022  Nyilima Sports Ground
South Uyoma 16th, Dec/2022  Ndigwa Chiefs Camp
West Asembo 19th, Dec/2022  Mahaya Chiefs Camp
West Uyoma 20th, Dec/2022  Manyuanda Mca’s Office
Alego Usonga North Alego 14th Dec/ 2022  Nyalgunga Assistant Chiefs Camp
Central Alego 15th, Dec/2022  Boro Chiefs Camp
South East Alego 16th, Dec/2022  Bar Ogong’o Chiefs Camp
West Alego 19th, Dec/2022  Uranga DO’s Office
Siaya Township 20th, Dec/2022  Awelo Chiefs Camp
Usonga 20th, Dec/2022  Komungu Community Library
Gem North Gem 14th Dec/ 2022  Mutumbu Chiefs Camp
Central Gem 15th, Dec/2022  St Paul’s ACK Church
East Gem 16th, Dec/2022  Bar Kalare Chiefs Camp
West Gem 19th, Dec/2022  Wagai Resource Centre
South Gem 20th, Dec/2022  Akala Anchor Site
Yala Township 20th, Dec/2022  Yala Jamii Hall
Ugunja Sidindi 14th Dec/ 2022  Sikalame Chiefs Camp
Ugunja 15th, Dec/2022  Ugunja Town Hall
Sigomre 16th, Dec/2022  Sigomre Chiefs Camp
Ugenya North Ugenya 19th, Dec/2022  Udira Catholic Church
East Ugenya 14th Dec/ 2022  Uhuru Market
West Ugenya 15th, Dec/2022  Uwayi Catholic Church
Ukwala 16th, Dec/2022 Ukwala Town Hall