Request for Proposal : Provision of Consultancy Services to Review The County Government of Siaya Draft County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2023-2027

Request for Proposal : Provision of Consultancy Services to Review The County Government of Siaya Draft County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2023-2027

The County Government of Siaya (CGS) invites sealed applications  for Provision of Consultancy Services to Review the County Government of Siaya Draft County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2023-2027. Tendering will be conducted under open National competitive method using a standardized tender document. Tendering is open to all quali?ed and interested Tenderers.


Qualified and interested candidates may view, inspect and obtain complete RFP documents free of charge from the CGS website ( and the Public Procurement Information Portal (  Consultants who download the RFP document should forward their particulars immediately to  to facilitate any further clari?cation or addendum.

Prices quoted should be net inclusive of all taxes and delivery costs, must be expressed in Kenya shillings and shall remain valid for a period of 98 days from the closing/opening date of the tender.

The applicants shall chronologically serialize all pages of the RFP documents submitted.

Completed RFP documents are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked with the RFP identification number and name and be deposited in the Tender Box provided at the main entrance of ALEGO USONGA SUB-COUNTY OFFICES within Siaya Town or be addressed and posted to:

The County Secretary
County Government of Siaya
P.O. Box 803 - 40600

so as to be received on or before 26th May, 2023 at 12.00 noon

In addition, tenderers SHALL respond to the tenders through the IFMISSupplier portal, by the deadline indicated above inorder to be eligible for award.

RFP applications will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers representatives who choose to attend at the AlegoUsonga Sub-County Offices.

Late applications will be rejected

Director, Supply Chain Management

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